Digitized Diagnostic Reports

Get the Under Writing process and Claims settlement process upgraded with digital automation solutions


Ensuring you will never get lost in a event, by making it an immersible experience where you know every Corner and every corner Knows You!!


Your customer experience is just about to change in manner like never before


Discover a new workplace which is not just connected but is going to be Intelligent and Aware of every thing around!!


Making “Smart” moves to ensure that the goods are available in the right place and at the right time.

Building Intelligence
Around Things

Helping industries to transform in to highly intelligent and self governing  organizations
through the use of innovative technologies.


Helping take the world towards providing a better and connected healthcare and bring it more closer to your home.

Industry 4.0

Making the industry modern and efficient with the next generation of monitoring and hyper-decision making

Quicsolv Internet of Things Solutions


Industry 4.0

Our ISaE platform makes it easier to quickly customize Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to cater to your specific requirements as well as integrate systems since it is  based on open standards.


BLE & Location Experts

We have ready solutions for location based requirements which can span across multiple industries and has multiple similar applications.


Cloud based Brain

Centrally controlled by a cloud based system which provides the control of entire set of devices as well provides a dashboard view to the entire site.

We help build solutions that will unlock the full potential of your business

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Solutions which  give better Customer Experience using proactive information and service

Monitoring & Tracking

Monitoring & Tracking

Allows monitoring of People and Assets to provide their locations and alarms in a timely manner



Provides the infrastructure for Security and monitoring based on built-in customized triggers



Processes driven by data and decision points which are based on intelligence and trends

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Feel free to connect with us on email at sales@quicsolv.com  or call us at 91-20-48602420 and clarify your questions and know more about our solutions.

ISaE  integrates the hardware and software components to built end to end systems


The device connectivity is based on Bluetooth Low Energy. Bluetooth Low Energy technology operates in the spectrum range of general Bluetooth (the 2.400–2.4835 GHz ISM band). The difference is that it uses a different set of channels in place of the classic 79 1-MHz channels, it uses the 40 2-MHz channels.



The hardware devices provided as part of the solution are the People Tags, Asset Tags, Gateways. These are provided based on the wifi and BLE connectivity. These devices communicate with each other using communication gateways.

Asset Tag


People Tag





ISaE Connect 
This forms the middle-ware that works to integrate the internet of things devices and the communication between the devices. This ensures that the communication is properly handled so that there is no messages that get lost in between.

ISaE Intelli-Sys
This is the core application which acts as the Central hub controls the communication, the rules that govern and additional intelligence in to providing exceptions by analyzing the data stream.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications form the heart of service delivery platforms these days. We provide a wide range of services that will help your business bring in edge

Native iOS, Android applications
Native applications provide the best of the platform features and we have experts with rich experience in developing them

Hybrid React, Ionic applications
The hybrid platforms are being used for quick MVP, short goto Market strategies. We have worked and can deliver this advantage

Integration Mobile applications
Applications these days also work with service deliveries using third party apis, we have experience developing such apps where we have integrated with IoT platforms, SIP Api etc so provide value added solutions.


Our experts will help provide solutions that best suit your business and expectations. Additionally we can develop customized applications which can tap in to your implementations to provide specific worflows based on the data.


Our Testimonials

  • First off let me say.... I have been thrilled with you and your team. You guys have proven to be the real deal. Exhibiting Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism, Courteousness, Genius, Patience,accommodating to just name a few of the ways I view you. You have been a real pleasure to work with. I tell everybody that I discuss the internet & web projects with, about you and tell them how great you guys are.    

    Jerry Williams
    Jerry Williams
  • I am very pleased with your output. The work of you and your staff has been punctual and accurate. Your reporting and communication have been top notch. I've been especially pleased with your ability to figure out the coding of our Miva shopping cart and come up with creative and efficient solutions to our programming issues. Thanks for your excellent performance and reliability.

    John Kim
    John Kim
  • We want to thank all of you for the great work you have done in helping us to create this application, and that you should be proud of what we have accomplished together. We look forward to working with more of you in the future as we expand the system to add new schools and features. We also hope to visit India sometime and meet all of you personally. Wish you all the best

  • "Unlike many development firms, QuicSolv offers a team of “thinkers” - not just “doers”. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and organizational abilities far exceed any other group I’ve worked with in the past 5 years. After completing and delivery multiple projects together, I continue to confidently recommend QuicSolv to those looking to build great web applications."

    Zeshan Muhammedi
    Zeshan Muhammedi
  • The credit really goes to Rajiv and the QuicSolv team who have demonstrated great reactivity and flexibility.

  • I am grateful that Marvin, Marla and your Team have developed a close working relationship during the process. We would like to personally thank QuicSolv for delivering what sounds like a complete UI including some additional contemporary versions. As it relates to the UI, it feels like QuicSolv is delivering WINS a “Baker’s Dozen”. Thank you!

  • We had a significant and urgent request that came through this morning. Thank you and the team for responding to the banner removal. After the banner was removed, a contract for 15 new schools was signed! If it had not been removed our partner threatened to pull x2VOL from his offering. It was a tough situation so please thank the team for removing the banner from the home page. I know that this caused a delay in other items but I appreciate the response.

    Michele Pitman
    Michele Pitman

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