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Though Telemedicine has been around for a while now, it has managed to garner attention only since the last decade or so. Telemedicine has allowed doctors and patients to get closer than ever, improving the healthcare process and making it smoother. The current Covid-19 pandemic has been an eye-opener concerning the benefits of Telemedicine. Let’s take look at the applications of Telemedicine to understand the difference it can make in the healthcare system.

1. Treatment of chronic illnesses

Telemedicine offers a convenient and cost-effective way of monitoring patients with chronic illnesses. Patients can be equipped with home-monitoring systems to keep a daily record of their vitals like blood pressure, glucose levels, and heart rate. This kind of access will be immensely helpful for doctors to manage their patient’s health and take immediate action in case of any health emergency.

2. Follow-ups

Telemedicine applications allow patients to follow remote follow-up visits with the doctor, who can ensure that the aftercare recommendations are being followed by the patient. It is also useful in cases where in-person follow-ups might not be necessary or urgent. As an added bonus, remote follow-ups will also reduce the number of last-minute cancellations and no-shows, thus increasing the profitability of a practice.

3. No Missed Prescriptions

Since Telemedicine allows doctors to check in with patients more easily, they can ensure that the patient is conforming to the prescribed regimen. A reminder system can be established to remind the patients not to skip out and renew their prescriptions on time. The lesser the number of missed prescriptions, the easier it is to reduce any health risks associated.  

4. Flexible Practice

The perquisites of Telemedicine applications are plenty for both physicians and patients. With the ability to conduct remote health check-ups doctors are not required to comply with long working hours in the clinic. They can stay in direct contact with the patient without having to keep the clinic open. This prospect is equally appealing to both parties, along with reduced travel expenses.

5. Other Health Services

Telemedicine applications are further-reaching than just virtual monitoring and care of patients at home. It is helpful for people with mental health conditions, as shown by studies. In rural areas or in case of a natural disaster, people may not have access to getting the required care, they can use Telemedicine in such conditions. 

These applications of Telemedicine not only bring doctors closer to their patients but also increase the possibilities of improving patient care vastly. 

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