Does that happen to you when you visit a networking event? In my visit to a conference in Toronto in June 2014, I realized that there were more than 350 participants in the conference and I really wanted to meet everybody and exchange business cards with everybody. Though I did not forget my cards, it was practically impossible to meet everyone at a conference. Some speakers for the event were just too boring and I wished there was a way to inform the organizer not to waste our time. Some panelists were so good that practically everyone had questions and I wished my question could be answered by the panelist at least after the event.
There are many networking events happening around the world and if there is a key element that is missing in all these is the technology to help network better. Keeping this objective in mind, we built a mobile application that helped with the following 3 key elements missing in a networking event.

  1. Profiles of all attendees (pulled automatically from LinkedIn)
  2. Questions and feedback for speakers in the event
  3. Event survey

So, if you are an organizer of an event or even an attendee for an event, you can seek our assistance to help apply this framework to the event and make it more powerful.

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