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Increasing Productivity has been a life long pursuit for many individuals and eternal call for action for the businesses on the whole. There have been so many best sellers and content that has got generated and read for the sake of it. IoT definitely brings in it’s own share of how the productivity can be increased!!

IoT and Productivity
IoT is going have a impact on every aspect our life and how can productivity not be impacted by it. Increasing productivity though a cliche word will have it’s own ways and means when it comes to IoT and obviously a big change will be needed to make it effective.

Let us explore it further

IoT and Better Manufacturing
Companies are now enabled to monitor like never before. By obtaining and analyzing data at different points in the complex product processes, they are looking to understand better where the process takes a lag and there by becomes less productive. The production lines can be kept on the roll more efficiently by ensuring that the line is monitored and fed optimally to keep the flow or throughput at its best. It can be ensured that the raw materials needed are made available and planning can be far more feasible since the variables in the process are going to get reduced.

The floor managers now would be able to keep track on the different assets. Thus there will be less time lost in looking for things are they are all track able. There is more security of the important assets and systems that can ensure that things are not left out in wrong places. Ability to guide workers to the right destinations and ability to provide warnings to the users incase of there is any hazardous situations.

Aspects like better Inventory management, better and optimal procurement, lesser cost of carry would fall in place. Increased reduction of operational costs slowly and steadily would give additional leverage.

With increased efficiency and transparency in the manufacturing processes the predictability would stand to increase and the ability to provide a better ETA to customer now becomes more of statistical affair than that of a heroic effort by the team thereby reducing the wear and tear of the men as well as the machines. This obviously would also mean increased capacity and hence more output when needed.

IoT and Better Sales
Increased ability to manage and track inventories specially of products would extend to making order fulfillment much more a smoother process. The overall process of sales would be become faster and transparent. With lesser lead times the satisfaction level of the customer would increase.

It could also lead to better distribution, engagement with the distributors and moving forward and better and deeper connect even to the retailer level by making the use of IoT.

IoT and Better Post Sales
IoT is not just going to be restricted to the making of the product, it is going to proliferate the product too. Soon we would be having the smart products which can diagnose the problems and tell the customer what needs to be done if it is an easy fix. Possibly we may even have these products directly registering support calls the moment there is a breakdown so you have support person connecting as soon as there is breakdown. It promises to go to the extent of letting the support know that there is a need for part replacement to prevent a break down. The down side is that Post Sales Support would no longer give a sense of victory after dealing with the customer support that one is gets now!!

IoT All the way
IoT thus would be impacting all the aspects of a product and leaving no room for doubt that it is going to usher in Wave of Productivity.

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