By Pravinraj Panicker
In Industry 4.0

The future is already here

From RFID’s to evolving bluetooth networks to nano technology, everything is now connected and is already part of a wide network of things. The internet of things.
This is our job to stay updated on the events that are happening around the world and is also our job to make the best use of what is coming our way from a “make your life better” point of view.
The way we envision the future for IoT is that everything and everyone will be connected to the vastness of internet.

Naturally, there has been many a number of thesis surrounding the subject, many books have been written on the topic.

We are not writing a book on it though.

The blog captures some form of essence in what we see is becoming a future part of “everything connected to internet” as a theme.

Some of the things we are doing are way far ahead for the world, regardless, we are doing it as the world is benefiting from it, no matter how small a manner it is.

Futurist Cities are Smart Cities Really

Smart buildings that recognize and open gates for you, prevents and blocks unauthorized entry, system of connected networks that tracks and alerts any crime happening to nearby people and not just the law enforcement.

Quick and easy tracking of objects, pets.

Safety bubble establishment for school going children.
These and endless such things are now possible and over the internet of things.

Self Driving Cars, Trucks and Healthcare?
Automation of healthcare via IoT is now achievable and the future looks even more advanced than ever before.

Imagine a home care system so advanced that it can automatically ensure administration of all vital care for its patients… yes, we are at the edge of achieving and implementing such a solution.

Automated Agriculture?
With a growing shortage of workforce around the globe, use of automation for agriculture is a every day necessity.

With robots that can sow, irrigate and reap fields to smart tools that measure and achieve productivity of trees and plantations in large scale.

Everything is now under IoT and will soon be a reality

Reshaping Education
Education Delivered in Realistic, Practical Manner via interactive tools, real time mapping of real world problems in to learning curriculum is likely to fundamentally alter the way education is being treated now.

Imagine having a child learn while they interact in real world, see objects and learn about them instantly, view business and understand the basics of how business operates, view object of interest and deep dive in to a knowledge bank.

Kind of like Neo learning Kung Fu in matter of seconds… but not so fast.

A simple, non intrusive tool that looks at the world and teaches your kids about what they really are… comes equipped with parental controls and course development methods.

Revolutionize everything, even education using IoT.

There are nearly endless implementations of IoT from future stand point, but again, the future is already here.

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