By Pravinraj Panicker
In IoT Security

IoT Security is going to matter in a big way soon enough, though the devices are small their impact is certainly bigger and the implementation of securing IoT has to be done at multiple levels to ensure that connected networks, data, systems and devices are protected. Let us look at some of the steps needed to implement.

Anyone thinking of implementing IoT has an underlying concern about how to make sure networks, data and devices are secure. The risk of IoT incidents has many data security, IT managers and networking managers worried that it would high impact. IoT devices are going to be present even in the most restrictive environments, thus the question, as per Industry experts isn’t if, but how you are going to allow these devices to connect to and interact with your networks, systems and data.

Big Question – How do we cope with this eventuality?

1. IoT security: small is big

2. Device Aware Access Controls

3. Identity Spoofing

4. Control connections for IoT devices

 5. Network Segregation


The above list of measures is not an exhaustive list or a sure shot method of prevent or avoiding an attack but definitely these measures will bring down the risk to a great extent.

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