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Internet of Things is born from the idea of giving identity to things – literally anything as we grow on. We are now going to usher into a whole new world of the Internet of Things and an “Internet” aware of things!! There are different types of things that would have their presence felt, some who are dumb and are just “parrot talking” to more complex ones that can sense and communicate with other things around them.

Where does this lead to?

This opens up a wide world of opportunities and possibilities in our current ecosystem. The current gap lies in one’s inability of placing a finger as to where is a particular thing in question. It kind of looks like we have a way out in IoT but it does not end there. Many times one may not just want to locate a thing but would want that things be authenticated and if possible on the fly!!

What is Authentication?

Authentication is the process or action of proving or showing something to be true, genuine, or valid. How do we do this currently? The most common thing we do online is login, we use access cards to swipe in and get access, we use certificates as verification of authenticity, we use holograms, we use different ways of authenticating our currency, etc…… this list can go on and on!!

The big question is can IoT help?

IoT and its promise

Yes, definitely IoT can come more than handy here. With an IoT-based Id card, accesses can be taken care of as soon as one approaches a door. Possibly tomorrow we would be having an IoT chip inserted into every product to state that it is an authentic product. One may just able to verify the same by checking it against a physical verification station. End of duplicates first copies, second copies, etc. I have already seen shirts with a chip inside them.

This now on would be an increasing trend into making products smarter too like the Mi Shoes which comes with a chip pocket to keep the smart chip. Only that tomorrow these chips would get smarter and better and doing more than talk to the accompanying mobile application. Who knows the next-gen currency may come with IoT implanted and it might be traceable. One day we may be able to locate the black money using currency heat maps.

Such is the potential of IoT in making authenticity an easily verifiable thing that it is mind-boggling and imagination seems to be the limit here!!

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