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Considering the current pandemic situation ensuring the health and safety of employees and casual laborers as they return to work is of utmost importance. It is very critical to the business that the operations yield desired results. The impediment in gaining the business objectives are related to workforce safety on the shopfloor, health and hygiene monitoring, social distancing, quick decisions on outliers. 

All of this can be addressed through QuicSolv’s Smart ID cards based solution which takes care of real-time tracking of manpower and related compliance checks in order to ensure your company’s deliveries value amidst the life-threatening novel coronavirus, COVID-19 situation. Our state of the art  Smart ID cards are designed to help businesses monitor real-time situations on the floor and ensure productivity as well as safety of the workforce at the job

Business Challenges

  • Tracking Workforce on Shop Floor

    The supervision task of making sure that the employees and contractors are at their designated locations at all times is currently a supervision nightmare

  • Safety & Security –

    Manpower safety is the most important challenge and most accidents occur when they tread in locations that they are not authorized in. Real-time updates on such trespassing is not currently available. 

  • Pandemic – Social Distancing –

    Social Distancing is the new norm. But supervising the social distancing in an office or workplace is not a simple task. Social distancing norms must be also followed in washrooms and elevators.

  • Pandemic – Monitoring Good Hygiene –

    It is difficult to monitor, whether or not a person has washed hands at regular intervals. In the absence of such monitoring, the organization will be at risk of infection 

  • Temperature Scanning & Recording –

    Thermal temperature scanning is possible but the recording of the temperature against the person is not currently possible. This puts a dent in the entire process of reporting for regulatory purposes.

  • Attendance Billing & Payroll –

    Real-Time all-day attendance currently is not possible. Creating payroll for employees and reviewing billing for contract labor is an arduous task every month.

Solutions Through Smart ID Card

realtime tracking

Real-Time Tracking –

The smart ID card has the capability of giving location information in real-time and also automatically identifying if the person is at the location where he is supposed to be.

incident reporting

Incidents Reporting and Resolution

Incidents, for example, a person treading in a hazard zone can be reported easily. In case of a fire, the count of total people can quickly be found along with their last locations

social distancing

Social Distancing

Over Crowding of places like office, shop floor, workplace, washrooms, canteens, etc. can be reported in real-time so as to avoid any infections

temperature scanning and recording

Temperature Scanning and Recording

Just taking temperature is of no use if the readings are not associated with the employee and recorded for analyzing trends

good hygiene

Monitoring good Hygiene

The ID card will keep a record of the number of times the employee has washed his hands. If not, a notification will be raised in a social realm

attendance and payroll

Attendance and Payroll

With real-time tracking, giving data of all-day attendance to HR for calculating Payroll and for reviewing invoices of the contract labour is easily possible.

Smart ID Card Features

smart id card
  • Safety & Security

    The employee Bluetooth tag will help keep track on the time spent inside the licensed area and sound an alarm if the person enters a Hazard Zone, all in real-time

  • SOS button

    The employee tag will allow the employee to send out an SOS signal in case of any danger or panic situation

  • Time Tracking

    There will be no need to maintain an attendance register. The tag will automatically record the in and out time

  • Body Sensor

    A body sensor attached to the ID card will sense if the card is moved from the body and kept aside. So, there is no chance of cheating.

  • Maintenance Free

    The battery inside the card would last for 24 to 30 months. IP 65, so water and rainproof. No maintenance is required.

Social Distancing & Hygiene – Need of the Hour

social distancing at workplace
  • Over-Crowding – The employee Bluetooth tag will help keep track on the time spent inside the licensed area and sound an alarm if the person enters a Hazard Zone, all in real-time
  • Away from Designated Zone –  The employee tag will allow the employee to send out an SOS signal in case of any danger or panic situation
  • Handwash – The system will automatically be able to time and interval of the activity, be it hand washing, hand sanitization, etc.
  • Fire & Safety – The receivers will always keep a count of the number of people in the zone and update the count on the server in real-time. So, in cases of emergencies where the count is needed, it can be immediately fetched.

Management Dashboard

manpower dashboard
    • HYPER DECISION MAKING – Our ISAE engine is able to pick up real-time IoT data and perform decision making using on-board ML Engine
    • INCIDENTS MANAGEMENT – The solution does not need continuous monitoring. When rules are breached, alerts are created automatically.
    • PRODUCTIVITY – Productivity is the function of total output (production) generated divided by the total input (time at the workplace)
    • ACTIVE DUTY –  Instantly check the number of people on active duty all day and at any time. This can be used for payroll and billing.

Quick Implementation Strategy

  • Build Mapping –

    • The first step is to understand the physical area that needs to be mapped and Zones to be created. 
    • As Relays and Gateways need an uninterrupted power supply, power points need to be set.
  • Configure App

    • Based upon the input received from the site, configure the relays, gateways, and the web application structure to represent the site.
    • Set up business rules by talking to the site owners and set up the criticality to each rule as per business needs.
  • Set up Device

    • Once the infrastructure of cables and power is ready, it is time to fix the devices and check the configuration again for any blind spots.
    • Run the tests to check the data coming from the ID cards and the geo-fencing of the zones. 
  • Monitor & Control

    • Once trained, the system will need to be monitored and controlled for 45 days. This may include adding new features, reports, or fixing newly found scenarios. This process may include talking to the managers and executives of the site
  • Analyze & Improve

    •  Once data for 90 days has been collected, our deep learning system will analyze the data to give impetus on areas that we normally would not be able to understand.
    • This data will help improve the system and add intelligence to the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What is the life of the gateways, Relays, and Smart ID cards?
Ans: The gateways and relays have a life of more than five years. The ID cards have a battery that lasts for 30 months, after which the card needs to be replaced.

FAQ 2: Will the system be able to detect a COVID 19 +VE person?
Ans: The Bluetooth and GSM enabled Thermal Temperature Gun, will be able to send and save the temperature record of a person so that the application can analyze the change in temperature of a particular person if such a change is out of the boundary, but it will not be able to detect a COVID 19 +VE case

FAQ 3: Does the ID card work anywhere?
Ans: The ID card needs the relays and gateways to receive information. So, if a person takes the ID card outside the premise where there is no gateway or relay to talk to the ID card, it will not work

FAQ 4: Can the system also help track if the person has come in contact with an infected person?
Ans: As the system does not work outside of the premise, it will not be able to get the information of contact with an infected person, but in case one of the workers is infected, we can get the entire history of who this worker was in close contact with over the past few days.

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