By Pravinraj Panicker
In Mobile App Development

The need for operational efficiency improvement is a top pressure, driving mobility adoption in enterprises. Mobile apps for business make it possible for the sales people to connect with back-office personnel, vendors, partners etc. thereby facilitating real-time decision making and expediting tasks. Having information at their fingertips help employees deepen business relationships and response times.

Following are the 5 key mindset shifts that I know will help enterprises to expedite the adoption of mobile apps for businesses

  • Improved customer service & delivery

By giving the ability to your sales-person to make a sale from a smartphone or tablet app that is already integrated with your existing backend system either on-premise or on the cloud, a sale can be registered immediately. Similarly, field workers addressing customer issues can immediately see pertinent customer information that can help better address the customer and the issue. A mobile extension to your enterprise applications, can collect valuable information at all points between ordering the stock and it being put on the shelf and as a result, your sales people can accurately address the questions on delivery

  • Help make enterprise applications agile

Enterprise applications once deployed are very difficult to change, but the best enterprise mobile app providers are changing that. By designing an app that can sit over the traditional enterprise applications, mobile apps are now able to provide a new layer of flexibility to existing ERP implementations. This mobile app strategy is helping businesses all over the world to adapt to changes faster and more cost-effectively.

  • Mobile apps for business helps reduce IT spend

Legacy enterprise systems were not designed with mobility in mind. Also, traveling has increased 10 times than it used to be a few years ago. This is where most decision makers who are on the move find themselves struggling to use Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to access their enterprise applications. Mobile apps can access enterprise applications securely through the API and web services layer allowing decision makers to expedite the decision-making process. This saves both time and money of the IT Staff from installation and troubleshooting.
The module costs and the number of user licenses usually defines, the total cost of ownership of an enterprise application. A proper mobile app development strategy can significantly reduce license cost. This can now allow for extending the power of the existing systems to customers, vendors and suppliers.

  • Mobile apps eliminate the concern of BYOD (Bring your own device)

Cloud implementations of enterprise application became a matter of concern when the BYOD strategy was implemented by organizations. Implementation of security measures and controls became more difficult and resistive. The ownership of the device will belong to the employee the ownership of sensitive content therein, will belong to the business. While the move towards BYOD is inevitable, mobile apps for business is the perfect strategy to help maintain the security of data and systems.

  • Gain competitive advantage

Who doesn’t love the upper tier treatment? When a customer can access information of delivery in real time, it not only improves the transparency for the customer but also gives the enterprise a good competitive edge. A mobile app helps prioritize essential information and allows for a sophisticated presentation. Smartphones and tablets are really the preferred devices for everyone these days: whether they’re customers or employees or business partners. So, a right mobile strategy to mobilize the digital assets and capture those eyeballs is definitely going to give a competitive advantage.
People spend more time in apps than on their mobile browser. This higher engagement means more business and more productivity. More business if the channel is a mobile sales channel and more productivity from employees if business processes have been mobilized. Of course, emails have been mobilized by the use of native apps.

It is thus very important to improve mobile collaboration capabilities and mobile workflows for decision makers, as this can help improve the work-life balance and allow employees to be more productive throughout the day.

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