It is no surprise that real estate is one of the most prominent areas of business. Real estate is the business of big bucks since houses are an investment made by almost everyone in their lives. Obviously, this business of buying and selling property is not about to go out of style with time or technological advancements.

In keeping up with the times, the real estate business has also gone digital, to an extent that there is speculation that real estate websites and mobile apps might just replace agents someday. But having a real estate mobile development app is a great way to stay on par with your customers in this technology-driven era.

Why Do You Need A Real Estate Mobile App?

We have come to rely on the internet so much that people even use it for house-hunting now. Real estate agents have their own online websites where one can view the houses to buy or to sell. But nowadays with the increased use of mobile phones, people are starting to prefer mobile apps over websites.

These apps are more suited for phones, they are faster and any information you require will be available in the palm of our hand. As the new generation starts buying houses, the target audience for real estate changes, a mobile app is more suitable for them. A smartphone user can easily find properties and listings on his phone through the app.

Earlier, information on a property used to be available only through a real estate agent. But today people just have to use their mobile phone to find out what they need to. A real estate app makes the whole process of buying and selling houses effortless. Customers can take a look at various properties according to their requirements before contacting the real estate agent. Plus the real estate mobile app is equally useful for customers and the agents and brokers.

What Features To Include in Your Real Estate App

The real estate market is full of competition and to stay on top of your game you need to strategize well. While building a mobile application decide beforehand the features it will have. Mobile applications are all about convenience with which users can use it to find what they need.

  • Onboarding – Make the onboarding process simple, so that customers can sign up/sign up quickly. You can use email, phone numbers for registration, or even use social media account for quick login.
  • Personal profiles – Include different personal profiles for buyers and agents made according to their requirements. For agents, there have to be the properties, schedules, and profiles of potential leads who have contacted them. For buyers, there should be a list of properties they are interested in or ones that match their criteria.
  • Property profiles – In addition to the listings, there should be detailed information about the given property. Describe the property, neighborhood, crime stats, price for purchase or rent, and add pictures too to give buyers a complete understanding of the property.
  • Database – The most important feature is a big database for your application. With a higher number of listings, you can expect to have more potential buyers.
  • Filters – It is difficult to find the right house whether it is to buy or rent. Make it easier for your buyers by adding different filters and categories on your mobile app.
  • Maps – Interactive maps can also be used to provide valuable information. Along with the location of properties, they can show other data statistics across different areas.
  • Calendar – Integrating the calendar on the app itself feature will definitely be useful. Real estate agents as well as clients can mark their scheduled appointments and even link them to properties on the mobile app.
  • Price Calculator – This innovative feature is a great help to customers in finding out the exact final price of the property, including the loan interests from different banks. Such a calculator will have to be detailed wherein users can input the price of the home, initial payment, loan interest, and the loan repayment period.
  • Push Notifications – Push notifications are useful for staying in touch with your clients and keeping them updated on new properties, price changes, etc.

Looking for a new house can be tough, but you can help your customers and agents by making the process simpler. The solution is obviously a real estate mobile app development. Keep in mind the features to add while building your real estate app. A user-friendly interface to make choosing a property easy will definitely help your real estate agency stand out!

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