By Pravinraj Panicker
In Telemedicine

We have seen a rapid advancement in Telemedicine in the past few years, resulting in the improvement of the provision of healthcare services.  Telemedicine is no longer just a concept, it is reality. We can already see its benefits reflecting in several areas of medicine. A quick look at the statistics will show that the future of Telemedicine is bright. This healthcare service is about to change the outlook of the medical world 

So let’s take a look at the future of Telemedicine to understand what we can expect –

Improved Access To Healthcare

Patients located in remote areas have limited access to healthcare services. During emergency situations, help does not always arrive in time then there is also an issue of finding reliable transportation. These patients often suffer long delays in scheduling an appointment or with follow-ups. In such cases, patients may entirely avoid contacting appropriate healthcare providers due to the difficulties faced. 

As you know such kind of situations can be easily avoided by the use of Telemedicine apps. Improvement in Telemedicine technology will mean better healthcare access to rural and urban areas alike, along with convenient healthcare conditions for the weak, old or chronically ill. With Telemedicine we will be able to provide improved access to healthcare with reduced costs for everyone.

Less Dependence on Reimbursement Models

Reimbursement has been the standard way of payment for Telemedicine. But the limited rate of reimbursement has hindered the widespread use of Telemedicine. There are different factors that affect the reimbursement models for telemedicine services, as telemedicine represents only a small amount of total healthcare expenditures. But changes are being made so that moving forward the reliance on these models can be reduced. 

Other factors like location or distance of the medical encounter also play a part in the availability of reimbursement for Telemedicine services. There is also more commercial reimbursement occurring for online urgent care. As these issues are sorted and reimbursement rates are increased we can expect a surge in the use of Telemedicine services.

International Collaboration

A major benefit of Telemedicine is the ability to connect patients and doctors over long distances, though the reach has seldom gone between national borders. Only in rare cases for long-distance analysis medical data or for greater access to medical care, usage of Telemedicine has been allowed internationally.

But with advancements in technology and a stronger communication network, we can expect Telemedicine to cross borders. As the medical regulations get more familiar with Telemedicine more people will adapt to it.  While there are certain issues to overcome, we can be sure that the future of Telemedicine will include international practice.

The building of new technologies and solutions is empowering doctors to diagnose and treat patients faster and more easily than ever. The increase in the use of Telemedicine services is bound to result in improved healthcare services for everyone. All in all the future of Telemedicine is going to be quite exciting!


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