Case Study name:

An EHR (Electronic Health Record System) that integrates with the diagnostic centres to get automatic data and help with preventive health care.

Business Challenge

  • Electronic Lab Records currently is available in all EHR applications in the form of a pdf file
  • There is no way to view these records electronically and compare them over a period of time
  • The most important challenge here is that the ranges of all diagnostic centres are different and thus comparison of test data is not a straight forward process
  • The client wanted to give a white labelled solution to all the corporates with security
  • The application needed a workflow to help doctors diagnose the lab records and update the result sheet
  • Needed and SMS gateway integration
  • Needed integration with diagnostic centres to import data directly
  • Needed OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to help convert uploaded lab reports to be converted electronically

QuicSolv Solution

  • Built a comprehensive database system to accommodate more than thirty thousand lab result types
  • Created a workflow management system to allow for workflow of data and business needs
  • Integrated with GE’s lab systems API to help directly port data into our application and give real time update to the users
  • Built a summarized data view for the HR managers of corporates so that they can see the health score of their organization at a glance
  • Used third party OCR libraries to read the lab data and create electronic records from them
  • Built a patentable algorithm to compare lab records of various labs and come up with a standard score
  • Built a self-learning diagnosis algorithm that will eventually make the process of diagnosis very simple.


  • .Net MVC 4.0
  • Entity Framework
  • Android
  • SSL

Business Benefit

Large corporates that have contracted with PrognoHealth are now able to view their organization’s health record not only online but in a consolidated manner. In the manufacturing sector, as maintaining health records is a mandatory requirement, most medium to large scale manufacturing setups are now able to comply on legal requirements and also take appropriate decisions based on the findings.

The beneficiaries of the systems are not only the corporates and manufacturing companies, but also the end users as they are now able to view their health records online and receive diagnosis for their ailments.

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