Case Study name:

Help improve the Credit Score of an individual by systematic bill payment process.

Business Challenge

  • The client needed a systematic solution to help increase the credit score of an individual.
  • Needed integration with a bank for fund loading and fund transfers.
  • Needed integration with a bill payment institution for in-network and out of network billers.
  • Needed integration with credit rating agencies like the Equifax and Lexis Nexis’s of the world.
  • Needed integration with QuickBooks to help with accounting.
  • Needed a cloud base multi-tenant system that would help with multiple affiliates and companies.

QuicSolv Solution

  • Built a system that seamlessly integrated with FirstPay payment gateway. This integration helped with receiving online payments.
  • Used bleeding edge technology like the HTML5, JSON and Open GL to give the effects of a forward looking website.
  • Used Brilliant architecture to keep the hosting costs and ‘Total Costs of Ownership (TCO), low.
  • Built tight security without compromising on performance and scalability.
  • Integrated with LexisNexis and Equifax to help get credit scores on demand. Used Soft Polling to ensure the process does not hurt the users credit score.
  • Integrated with Empasys bill pay system to streamline bill payment process.
  • Integrated the ACH payments solution for fund transfer and fund loading.
  • Integrated QuickBooks for transactions and accounting.
  • Built and account and fund management system for main accounts and sub accounts.
  • Built product packages that could be assigned to companies and affiliates.
  • Built an affiliate tracking system.


  • Java
  • EAN WSDL web services
  • SSL
  • Facebook (FBL)

Business Benefit

This application helped our client to take advantage of the economic condition and help those who needed to build the scores in a very structured and systematic manner. The dashboard allowed the clients to view their progress against their targets and take appropriate actions.

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