Case Study name:

Use IVR to effectively manage prescription refills.

Business Challenge

  • Timely refill on drugs is important for the patient’s well being.
  • Being able to dispense the drugs in a timely manner increases the profitability of the pharmacies.
  • Having to keep someone to handle the reminder calls can be very expensive and inefficient.
  • Integrating the process where the doctors authorize the prescription was a big challenge.

QuicSolv Solution

  • We built a mobile application that helped do the following
  • We integrated an SL7 framework with SIP in conjunction with Twilio to call the patients when their prescription was due.
  • We integrated a text to speech engine to help with data and speech.
  • The IVR was used to receive the response from the customer and update the database.
  • If the prescription was not valid, a call would be routed to the prescribed doctor for approval.
  • Once approved, the application would update the refill database allowing a dispatch of medicine to the user.


  • iOS7
  • Twilio
  • C# .Net
  • IVR

Business Benefit

With more than 2,500 pharmacies and 100,000+ patients, the centralized solution could make multiple simultaneous calls on multiple channels to handle the load and peak times. There was an evident increase in the pharmacy revenue by 25%. The timely fashion in which the patients were reminded of their refills, improved the customer satisfaction.

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