Case Study name:

White labelling of the Expedia Affiliate Network and building a robust site for two hundred thousand Hotels around the world.

Business Challenge

  • Client wanted integration of the Expedia Affiliate network for Hotels using XML API’s.
  • The look and feel of the site should be similar to
  • The response times and other performance parameters should be as good as
  • Part of the site which includes the registration and sending of session data to EAN needs secure socket layer (SSL).
  • An Admin panel that allows management of hotel reservation, cancellations and blocking.
  • A help desk system that allows users to send in questions and complaints.
  • Integration with social media to allow better and faster registration.

QuicSolv Solution

  • Built a system that seamlessly integrated EAN web services.
  • Used bleeding edge technology like the HTML5, JSON and Open GL to give the effects of a forward looking website.
  • Used Brilliant architecture to keep the hosting costs and ‘Total Costs of Ownership (TCO), low.
  • Built tight security without compromising on performance and scalability.
  • Integrated with to help with help desk system.
  • Got the system cleared and approved from EAN.
  • Integrated with Facebook to allow easy registrations.
  • Built trackers to track commission on Sales.


  • LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)
  • EAN WSDL web services
  • SSL
  • Facebook (FBL)

Business Benefit

This partnership with EAN allowed our client to sell inventory of rooms for more than 200,000 hotels across the world without maintaining any inventory with themselves and without anybody knowing that this inventory belongs to EAN. In an exclusive interview with the site owner he mentioned that “I have a site that is white labelled but QuicSolv has done such a great job that it shows out as my site with inventory from around the world”

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