Make Business Great (MBG) is a specialized services company helping small and medium size businesses prepare for the very dynamic future before us. Through technology, security, and operations, we will help you prepare for the changes coming in 2017. Please contact us at to set up your kick off call.


Establishing or enhancing policies and procedures related to physical and cyber security. This allows streamlining client due diligence and expediting business growth, attaining certifications such as PCI Service Provider, and advantages in RFPs


Optimization and operational efficiencies are very tightly coupled to current infrastructure and process. By leveraging what they currently have, we can gain the best improvements for the least investment.


Having run both Sales and Marketing for businesses, I can contribute to these areas with our clients and add a new perspective to your current strengths


2017 will be a year of major change, and clients that are prepared for the deregulation that will occur (President’s goal is 75% reduction in harmful regulations) will be able to expand current business and land new business based upon demonstrated maturity in current process and agility to adapt quickly to deregulation. As the FTC and FCC are overhauled, the ability of a client to adapt is a direct correlation to their current preparedness.


By focusing on CX in the communications and technology arenas, we can evolve their infrastructure to improve CX. Design of voice workflows (AKA IVRs) is 70% artwork and 30% technology, and my training program that teaches clients how to think and design IVRs has helped many clients


Through my software architecture background (both Enterprise Software Architecture and Data Architecture) and my experience with Cloud migration (AWS, Azure, and hybrid public-private clouds), I can help design custom solutions for clients that integrate communications, CRM, financials, WFM, gamification, and client data into an Enterprise Management solution that is robust and adaptable.