New product development plan and methodology

Methodology - New product development plan and methodology

Today, the processes and methodologies used in product development are set to evolve with the maturity in process framework and quality benchmarks. The waterfall model was once an established standard and then we saw many variations and adaptations on the traditional approach. Just as there has been a shift towards the object-oriented approach in programming, the development approach is becoming more change-friendly by making it easier to change course, add or remove functionalities while an application is under development. Today, the world is talking about Agility or the Agile Development methodology.

QuicSolv has always held the traits of being agile and nimble since its inception. Ever since the advent of agile methodologies and the customer demands of changing the approach, QuicSolv has been quick to adapt and show results with the new approaches.

QuicSolv, with its skilled development team offers a comprehensive range of software product development services to the clients, right from conceptualization to deployment. Our competent development team is well versed with the traditional approaches of Software Development Life Cycle and is equally conversant with the new software development methods such as agile methodology, which encourages rapid and flexible response to changing business scenarios.

At QuicSolv, our team of developers with their experience and expertise and equipped with the latest trends in product development develop customized products and services as desired by the client within the stipulated turnaround time. QuicSolv’s new product development services provide the following benefits to the clients that give it a winning edge over its competitors:

  • Leveraging development methodologies such as Agile Offshore Software Development, frameworks for faster development and zero-defect delivery, Reusable asset repository to facilitate seamless product development
  • Reduced product development cost
  • Reduced time-to-market to give our clients the competitive advantage

At QuicSolv, our product development team focuses on adding value to the product or application which in turn enables us to develop a more competitive product for the market. With a consistent focus on the technologies, nurturing the best talent and commitment to fulfilling client’s priorities, we assist the clients to realize remarkable benefits.