Publishing your mobile app on the app store just isn’t enough. People who install and use your app will keep coming back and keep using your app regularly. These users will expect a regular update of your mobile app or they will simply uninstall your app from their mobile phones.

Mobile application maintenance may be needed in many scenarios. Apart from a change in the application logic or addition of features that you require in the mobile app there may be other aspects that require maintenance on the mobile application. Operating System (OS) upgrades by iOS and Android, security updates (very important), new features developed by phone manufacturers like finger print scanner, depth data viewer, front camera; all or any of the above may require you to do some changes to the app. It is also understandable that you may not have an in-house app developer and the changes required sometimes are so trivial that the ROI is just not justifiable. In all of the above scenarios it is important to find a competent mobile app development company to help you with regular maintenance of your mobile app, without burning a hole in your pocket.

If your mobile strategy roadmap has had you invest in mobile app development you need an affordable service that can help you with the regular maintenance of your mobile app. We have expertize in iphone app development and android app development. These platforms cater to more than 95% of the mobile app users across the globe.

So, mobile application maintenance is definitely not optional but is critical for the growth of your business. At QuicSolv we offer a ‘Mobile Application Maintenance Program’ to help remove the ambiguity out of cost required for maintenance. You can select the program of your choice from the options given below.

Types of Services needed for Mobile Application Maintenance Program

Basic Plan
(10 hours/month)
Professional Plan
(40 hours/month)
Enterprise Plan
(160 hours/month)

Platform specific Minor updates

(Upgrading apps as and when every new minor version launch of OS)

Testing for bug-free version upgrade

(This is to make sure the upgrade process is smooth even if the user is going from ver1 to v3 and has skipped the v2 update)

Security Updates

(this helps to keep the app secure so user data or information isn’t compromised.)

Bug fixing and corrective maintenance

(done when your user base reports of bugs and app malfunctions)

Platform specific Major updates

(Upgrading apps as and when every new major version launch of OS)

Minor and Incremental enhancements

(based on your app roadmap you may have a list of features that need incremental enhancements)

Major enhancements

(a completely new feature may need to be added to the app. We scope it and give you a fix quote on effort and utilize the hours)

Performance Enhancement and Operational Level support

(work on integrating new technologies that can see up your app and advise you on certain enhancements that can improve the app performance)

Redesign and Re-engineering of the app

(with the base of our experience we can help you with redesign and re-engineering for better user experience)

Integration of feedback tools

(to gain insights on how well users are responding to your app and its features)

USD 200
USD 600
USD 2,080

Mobile Application Maintenance Methodology

Our mobile application maintenance methodology is smooth and once you have signed up for our program, we will give you the experience of a lifetime and help you achieve a better ROI. Our methodology is as follows
  • We understand the app and its features from you and take the access to the application code for both iOS and Android.
  • Depending on the plan that you have chosen, we set up the tasks and submit to you a project plan.
  • In cases where the task you want us to accomplish is not listed in the plan, you can raise a support request by just sending us an email to We will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • We keep you updated at all times on the activity of your mobile app.
  • If you are out of the hours that you have subscribed for, you can buy more hours in a batch of 5 hours.
Our strategy is all about customer delight, so even if the app is not built by us, we will help you in every way we can using our standard mobile app maintenance process to help you save where it really counts and reduce your total cost of ownership. Click the button below to request free consultation.