Quicsolv for Small and Medium Enterprises

QuicSolv for SME

Today, most of the businesses across the world already recognize the value they derive from using software systems. In the competitive scenario the industry is experiencing, a sizable chunk prefers using technology to manage accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, sales, purchase, inventory, CRM among others. Even the new businesses begin with at least some basic applications to manage their operations. The software industry categorizes such businesses under the segment – small and medium enterprises (SME) or small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). QuicSolv offers reliable, cost-effective solutions that suit the specific needs of the SME or SMB segment.

At QuicSolv, we understand that most small and medium businesses are mired by issues such as:

  • Scarce or limited resources
  • Low process maturity
  • Lack of experience and expertise
  • Low resilience
  • Risk averseness
  • Limited budget to buy enterprise software
  • Little scope to implement large product suites

At QuicSolv, we understand that most small and medium businesses are mired by issues such as:

Solution-based approach:

Since their needs are unique, a ready product may not serve their needs specifically. A solution-based approach allows them to get focused solutions. Ready-made products and end-to-end enterprise suites may not be the answer for many small and medium enterprises. For their specific and unique needs, they require flexible and custom-made solutions. They want to secure their bottom line at a low cost.

Budget constraints:

Small and medium-sized businesses need to control and utilize their funds smartly. Even when they are funded well, they have to ensure that they derive high value from their investments. To sum up, everyone is happier in getting more with less.

Need for a technological partner:

A small or medium business always needs a strong technological backbone. As it is a costly proposition to hire all the experts you need, it is viable to partner with a company that can offer consulting support for all the domains and verticals. QuicSolv has strong expertise in supporting small and medium businesses such as those that require support on issues related to server environments and bandwidth.
Overall, small and medium enterprises need tailor-made, cost-effective solutions to streamline their business processes. Applications and solutions for intranet, accounting, office automation, document workflow, logistics, inventory, and CRM are helpful in serving some of their core needs. Small businesses invariably need some applications to manage their people. Workforce management applications for task management, training, payroll, and performance are required to ensure employee productivity and effective management of human resources. A requirements management application or a workflow management tool may be necessary to manage a project effectively. With an essential need to collaborate and share information frequently, any SMB would require a workflow management tool.

QuicSolv has delivered the right solutions to many small and medium-sized businesses and helped them maximize their ROI on the IT investment.