Java is a computer programming language, and serves as the foundation for a variety of networked computer applications, allowing to efficiently develop, install, and use applications and services. Java is increasingly being used owing to its object-oriented approach and portability. QuicSolv uses Java technologies to develop and deliver a host of software applications including websites.

The ever-changing technology and economy have intensified the need for faster and more efficient information management solutions. This led to the launch of J2EE, the advanced version of Java for Enterprise Edition. J2EE fulfills these criteria as it helps to improve development productivity, standardizes the platform for hosting enterprise applications, and ensures portability of developed applications with an extensive test suite.

At QuicSolv, our team of competent developers are adept at developing customized and versatile software solutions based on client specifications using Java programming language. Our team uses J2EE SDK to develop, install, run, and test applications. QuicSolv offers software solutions based on Java Framework with expertise in the following domains:

  • Java architecture and design development
  • Java application development
  • Combining applications or services to develop highly customized applications or services
  • Writing efficient applications for mobile phones, iPads, gateways, and any other electronic device

QuicSolv boasts of a team of proficient java developers, business analysts, technical architects and project managers, who understand the requirement, and come up with a perfect, comprehensive solution that matches with the clients’ demands. Our technical team keeps themselves abreast of the latest technological advancements taking place resulting in upgrading their knowledge and skills to be future-ready.