Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is an ETL tool which is used to extract, transform as well as load data. SSIS is not just limited to Data Warehousing applications, it helps you create maintenance plan using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). At QuicSolv, we possess proficiency in offering integration services including integrating your trading execution platform along with selected desktop solutions.

SSIS offers the following abilities:

  • Retrieve data from just about any source
  • Perform different transformations on the data including the calculations
  • Load data into any source
  • Define a workflow

We have a team of data-warehousing specialists, database administrators and developers with an ability to perform ETL operations including extracting, transforming and loading data using SSIS in data warehousing applications. Our team of experts possesses the ability to develop an application that connects the real-time market data to your software or website.

We possess the competency to offer solutions including:

  • Development Tools

    We customize your application or website with market data components including charting, with our easy-to-use APIs and development tools.

  • Server Solutions

    We possess the competency to provide enterprise server applications with stock, Forex and others as well.

  • Trading Integration

    We help you integrate your trading platform with our desktop applications.

  • Customized Solutions

    We help you in selecting one of our desktop solution products and customize it according to your company’s requirements

Data cleansing is highly significant task for data warehouse specialists, database administrators and developers. Our data warehouse specialists are competent enough to integrate innovative data into an existing transactional system or to support real time deduce efforts within a transactional system.

QuicSolv offers strong business and technology consulting capabilities along with infrastructure management capabilities. We deliver optimal business solution on an end-to-end basis for different customers to ensure business transformation. Our major objective is to achieve high level of data accuracy and reliability which translates into optimum customer service for our clients’ customers.