Digitization Solution

Intelligent solution for automatic curation and digitization of Diagnostic Reports for the Insurances

Intelligent Solutions for the world of Insurance and Under Writing

A combination of new technology, more advanced methods helps build solution which will transform the Under Writing and Claim settlement process in Insurances.

The solution utilizes the best of the algorithms available to do the conversion of various digital formats to text and discrete data sets. The use of machine language based techniques adds more accuracy and intelligence to the solution


The process of converting digital formats is not a new technology but there are improvements that is happening in the standards and the algorithms and logics for making this transformation better.


The use of Machine Language and Natural Language Processing to build self learning curation algorithms to  making intelligent fraud detection, discrepancies in claims and many more.

API Integrations

Integrations of existing systems by building of APIs and integrating them in to the solution.


An easy to use solution that help ease the woes of digitizing the reports from various diagnostic centers by using advanced techniques to curate the reports in to standard data formats which makes it easier to use and consume downstream processes



Standard Format

Data curated from various sources will get extracted in to the system as a standard data thus the data storage and retrieval as well viewing the same becomes easier for later usage.


There is a basic level of intelligent data validation done to ensure that discrepancies are flagged at the onset and not at a later level there by saving on time and effort

Smart Storage

Information gathered through the digitization process gets stored smartly and is made available for future references so that it can be used for profiling, fraud detection, claim management etc.

Self Learning

The system has inbuilt self learning algorithms which keep developing the intelligence and learning with the increasing data.



The system is scalable to read from multiple formats of different diagnostic center formats thus reducing the processing efforts and time

Reduced Risks

With the data available along with information highlighting if the report data point is beyond the limits, it makes under writing and claims settlement, easier  and with better Risk Assessment.


The curated output is coupled with the manual QC delivery near 100% accuracy which is very critical to Under Writing.

Reduced Costs

The operational costs of the under writing process and claims settlement gets reduced since the manual labor involved now is being handled in an automated manner.

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How does QUIC DATA solution work?

The QUIC DATA solution will be able fast scan the reports uploaded by customers in different digital formats like the PNG/JPEG/GIF/PDF from the portal file system. These reports are scanned to convert them in to plausible text data, these text data streams are further processed using machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to identify the diagnostic data sets in terms of values and other attributes. These are then processed further with further validations and verification to filter out the exceptions. The processed data is transformed in to standard formats like xml/csv/json to make it accessible to the users. These data points are made available to the QC team to confirm the data conversion. Once approved by the QC team the data becomes available and mapped to the individual customer medical data.