By Riyaz Lakhani
In Dr. Birbal

Dr. Birbal uncovers occasional binge drinking

Dr. Birbal is a modern day, seasoned and highly respected physician at a prominent hospital in the city. He is renowned for his keen attention to detail and his ability to identify even the slightest discrepancies in a patient’s case.

This week, he was called upon to assess Sachin, who was suffering from fever and hypotension, he knew he had to be extra vigilant.

As he listened to Sachin’s story and examined him, something seemed off. Sachin claimed to have had a high grade fever for several days and had visited a local doctor in the village, who gave him an injection but he did not know which one and there was no prescription. He also reported experiencing dizziness, vomiting, and burning micturition for several days. It was only then that he decided to seek treatment at the hospital. In addition, Dr. Birbal learned that Sachin was unemployed and spent most of his time at home.

Dr. Birbal was suspicious and decided to do further investigation. He ordered a series of tests, including a blood test, a urine test, and an X-ray, and discovered that Sachin’s SGOT and SGPT levels were elevated. He then questioned Sachin about his lifestyle and habits, using rhetorical questions such as “Don’t you occasionally consume alcohol socially?” It became clear that Sachin had a history of binge drinking and smoking, and had consumed a large amount of alcohol at a wedding just a few days prior. It was likely that his high grade fever and other symptoms were caused by alcohol poisoning, not an infection.

Dr. Birbal confronted Sachin about this and he admitted to lying about his symptoms in an attempt to have his insurance cover the cost of his treatment. Thanks to Dr. Birbal’s diligence and astute observations, the fraud was uncovered and Sachin was unable to deceive the insurance company. The case was closed and justice was served, thanks to Dr. Birbal’s exceptional work.

QuicSolv’s “Dr. Birbal stories” are true accounts of fraud detection by experienced medical professionals over video using QuicSolv’s video conferencing solutions. The names in these stories have been changed to protect the identities of those involved. These stories are meant to serve only as a learning resource and light Sunday reading.

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