By Riyaz Lakhani
In Dr. Birbal

Fever Fraud Uncovered by Dr. Birbal

Dr. Birbal received a claim from Vootkuru Ravinder Reddy stating that he had been admitted to the hospital’s ICU for enteric fever. However, upon reviewing the medical records and talking with the patient, Dr. Birbal noticed several inconsistencies that raised suspicion about the claim.

During the video call with the patient, Dr. Birbal asked him if any blood or urine samples were taken, to which the patient replied that he was unconscious and did not know. This was a red flag for Dr. Birbal as it was unlikely for a patient to become unconscious due to enteric fever.

The patient kept repeating that he was illiterate and did not know much about his illness or diagnosis. When the attending nurse came into the room, the patient gave the phone to the nurse and took it back when the nurse accidentally mentioned that he was diabetic. When questioned about it, the patient said that the nurse was confused, even though there was no other patient in the ward.

Furthermore, Dr. Birbal noticed that there were no leads attached to the patient, and there was no monitor monitoring his vitals, which was odd for an ICU patient. Dr. Birbal also found out that the patient had come to the hospital’s OPD with complaints of fever and was directly admitted to the ICU without any lab tests being conducted. This was another red flag that raised suspicion about the authenticity of the claim.

After conducting further investigations, Dr. Birbal discovered that the patient had intentionally concealed his history of diabetes from the insurance company. The patient had admitted himself to the hospital to get treatment for his diabetes and had falsely claimed that he was admitted for enteric fever.

Dr. Birbal presented his findings to the insurance company, who were able to successfully deny the fraudulent claim. Thanks to Dr. Birbal’s clever investigation during the video call, the truth was uncovered, and justice was served.

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