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how pallet tracking works


Asset management and tracking helps make faster and better business decisions and strategize infrastructure planning so that there is less wastage, cost savings and improved work efficiency since the critical assets are available when and where they are needed. This way the need to maintain manual tracking of the assets is removed and efforts reduced.

People Tracking Dashboard


Improve on your work processes by monitoring and tracking your employees thereby increasing the productivity and ensure compliance reporting gets taken care automatically. This also comes with additional benefits like security since there is continuous tracking instead of point to point as in traditional systems and less supervision and thereby reduce the micromanagement.

Industry 4.0


Get your business ready for the fourth Industrial Revolution and tomorrow’s world of connected processes and equipments to ensure faster and responsive throughput. It will be a transformation of how production happens. Industry 4.0 comes with greater efficiencies and is going to change traditional relationships of suppliers, producers, and customers and more than anything the relation between humans and machines.

Proximity Marketing


Enable retails business spaces with the connectivity of the physical and digital world by distributing wirelessly contextual marketing content and applying analytics on to the data to derive various customer focused trends and statistics to help drive future marketing efforts. Also thereby enhancing the customer experiences by providing readily available options to make buying decisions more quickly

Document Digitization

Digitization Solution

Increase the operational efficiency of Health Insurance sector, by curating the diagnostic reports and converting physical reports in to digital versions by using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing based algorithms to handle nonstandard formats to get the data extracted in to digitized formats to be made available on the cloud. Advanced self leaning heuristics along with diagnostic discrepancy detection along with many other value adds also come along as part of the solution.

Telemedicine Applications

A brave new world opens its doors and arms to the medical world and we at QuicSolv, have the right tools, technologies and processes to help employ these technologies for telemedicine applications like chronic health management, prescription compliance, telepsychiatry, pediatric telemedicine and many more…..


ISAE – An IoT Framework

Using the IoT standards to create Intelligent Systems Around Everything platform. The various solutions developed are based on the ISAE platform developed by Quicsolv and is proprietary

What are people saying

  • First off let me say.... I have been thrilled with you and your team. You guys have proven to be the real deal. Exhibiting Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism, Courteousness, Genius, Patience,accommodating to just name a few of the ways I view you. You have been a real pleasure to work with. I tell everybody that I discuss the internet & web projects with, about you and tell them how great you guys are.  

    Jerry Williams
    Jerry Williams
  • I am very pleased with your output. The work of you and your staff has been punctual and accurate. Your reporting and communication have been top notch. I've been especially pleased with your ability to figure out the coding of our Miva shopping cart and come up with creative and efficient solutions to our programming issues. Thanks for your excellent performance and reliability.

    John Kim
    John Kim
  • We want to thank all of you for the great work you have done in helping us to create this application, and that you should be proud of what we have accomplished together. We look forward to working with more of you in the future as we expand the system to add new schools and features. We also hope to visit India sometime and meet all of you personally. Wish you all the best

  • "Unlike many development firms, QuicSolv offers a team of “thinkers” - not just “doers”. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and organizational abilities far exceed any other group I’ve worked with in the past 5 years. After completing and delivery multiple projects together, I continue to confidently recommend QuicSolv to those looking to build great web applications."

    Zeshan Muhammedi
    Zeshan Muhammedi
  • The credit really goes to Rajiv and the QuicSolv team who have demonstrated great reactivity and flexibility.

  • I am grateful that Marvin, Marla and your Team have developed a close working relationship during the process. We would like to personally thank QuicSolv for delivering what sounds like a complete UI including some additional contemporary versions. As it relates to the UI, it feels like QuicSolv is delivering WINS a “Baker’s Dozen”. Thank you!

  • We had a significant and urgent request that came through this morning. Thank you and the team for responding to the banner removal. After the banner was removed, a contract for 15 new schools was signed! If it had not been removed our partner threatened to pull x2VOL from his offering. It was a tough situation so please thank the team for removing the banner from the home page. I know that this caused a delay in other items but I appreciate the response.

    Michele Pitman
    Michele Pitman
  • We launched our Website / Linkedin pages today. I want to thank you / Quicsolv team for all the technical support and work done to ensure that we are ready to meet these critical dates. The team was responsive and was able to accommodate the requests / changes and also work with the Leadership Team at Akshaya Agri.

    Riyaz / Vikas – A Big Thank you to the Quicsolv Team !!

    Amit Talwar
    Amit Talwar Akshaya Agri Equipment and Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • QuicSolv's technology has been a game-changer in our fight against fraud. The accuracy and efficiency of their facial recognition system have not only saved us money but also strengthened our customer relationships.

    CEO of a Top Insurance Company
  • We were impressed with how seamlessly QuicSolv's solution integrated into our existing systems. It's not just the technology but the dedication of their team that makes a real difference.

    Head of RCU, Large Insurance Provider
  • The ability of QuicSolv's AI to adapt and learn continuously gives us confidence that we are equipped to handle future fraud threats. It's an invaluable part of our fraud detection arsenal.

    Head of Claims, National Insurance Firm
  • Partnering with QuicSolv has transformed our approach to insurance technology. Their cutting-edge solutions, from Videography to AI-driven analytics, have streamlined our operations & service delivery.

    Mr. Manjit
    Mr. Manjit
  • The Claims Investigation services by QuicSolv, Health Cashless investigations, have been indispensable. Their meticulous approach and use of advanced technology have greatly reduced fraudulent claims.

    Dr. Rateesh
    Dr. Rateesh
  • I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of your Health Investigation and Face Match Technology on our operations. The integration of face match in our verification process has drastically reduced impersonation fraud, enhancing the security and trustworthiness of our cashless health claims.

    Mr. Sanjiv
    Mr. Sanjiv

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