Theft and Loss are both phenomenons which are part and parcel of humanity and possibly unavoidable eventualities which can be reduced and deterred but not completely prevented.!!

Can IoT play a role in to averting or preventing loss or theft?

Security, Loss and Theft
The concept of security stems from the absence of theft or loss. Zero incidence on both these counts is an Utopian dream which people and messiahs have been wanting to achieve. “Prevention is better than cure” – If one could avoid such an incident that would be the best way. “Detection is the first step towards cure” – the second best way to handle it to be quickly detect the breach in security.

How can IoT chip in?
IoT definitely brings in new attributes which can be utilized to make our environment more secure. One of the important facets added by IoT is communication and the intelligence that is built in around. The fact that “things” are now connected and more aware of the environment makes it easier to built in more intelligence to detect the occurrence of incidents.

One use case cited was that of how there has been increasing theft from cargo of the high value non-ferrous metals. The thefts got detected on weighing and finding that the container weights were lesser than the original weights. IoT could have enabled a live streaming of the weight data and on detecting a change below the mentioned levels, to quickly raise an alarm with the container pinpointed about this decrease in weight. This would make detection “LIVE” and as soon as it happens.

Similarly an IoT enabled item, can be detected and an alarm raised if it is found moving outside a given “Lakshman Rekha” or safe zone. It could be detection of any item in a hazard zone. It could be Retail uses like detecting if the freezer is not working correctly and prevent loss of items that need to stored in very low temperatures to prevent wastage of the food. A weight based sensor in a jewelry shop shelf can keep a track if the weight got changed due to sale or not.

A myriad of ways and means by which, IoT can make it happen.

Key to Security
The possibilities of using IoT for security are many. There would be still further development in to IoT technology making the chips cheaper, smaller and more powerful. The percolation of the technology and solutions will initially be slower but soon will move in at an unprecedented rate to erode any glimmer of doubt. The fundamentals of Security will not change but definitely IoT will make prevention and detection – more faster, efficient more “LIVE” than ever before.

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