Enhance Risk Control with Videography: A Powerful Addition to VideoMER

Welcome to the world of Videography, a transformative approach to health assessments in the insurance industry. Videography combines the precision of in-person medical examinations with the convenience and efficiency of digital technology. This innovative process not only streamlines the assessment of an insurance proposer’s health status but also establishes a new standard for accuracy and reliability in risk evaluation.

At the core of Videography is the integration of live video calls, where medical professionals conduct real-time health screenings. This process ensures that the insured or proposer is in the right state of health and mind for the assessment, paving the way for transparent and direct communication. The interaction is not just a conversation; it is a comprehensive medical examination, observed and recorded to uphold the integrity of the process.

Videography brings the Diagnostic Center to a proposer’s home, saving the hassle of travel and wait times. A certified phlebotomist arrives at the proposer’s doorstep, equipped with state-of-the-art medical tools and a commitment to compassionate care. As they guide the proposer through the procedure, every step is meticulously recorded via a secure video link. This not only assures you of a personal touch in every interaction but also allows for an unobtrusive yet thorough health examination.

From verifying identity with government-approved ID cards to conducting an ECG, from collecting a urine sample to drawing blood, every procedure is performed with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. The result is a seamless fusion of human expertise and digital efficiency — an authentic proof the insurance company needs that the process was performed to the best.

Videography provides a panoramic view, ensuring that an insurance company has a complete and accurate understanding of a proposers medical profile. It’s not just about assessing risk; it’s about embracing innovation to provide the insurance underwriters with the best possible insurance solutions.

The Superiority of Videography Over VideoMER

The process of assessing a proposer’s health status for insurance is critical, with no room for inaccuracies or manipulation. This is where Videography’s comprehensive approach truly outperforms VideoMER. Here’s an in-depth look at the benefits of Videography:

  • Guaranteed Procedure Verification:
    With VideoMER lacking visual confirmation, there’s uncertainty about the authenticity of the health data collected. Videography eradicates these doubts. It ensures that every step, from blood draws to urine collection, is visually recorded and monitored, eliminating the question of whether procedures were properly conducted.
  • Elimination of Fraud Risk:
    In a VideoMER setup, there’s potential for proposers to unduly influence the phlebotomist, leading to falsified health records. Videography closes this loophole by providing live video oversight, making it virtually impossible for proposers to sway the recording of vital signs or manipulate the collection of samples. This live recording acts as a safeguard, maintaining the integrity of the data.
  • Transparent and Accurate Blood Draws:
    One of the biggest challenges with VideoMER is ensuring that the blood sample is genuinely drawn from the proposer. Videography’s live-streamed process means there can be no substitution or deception. The phlebotomist’s actions are in full view, ensuring the blood sample’s authenticity.
  • Verifiable Blood Pressure Readings:
    Blood pressure can fluctuate with even slight manipulations. Videography’s real-time recording prevents the proposer from influencing the phlebotomist to report incorrect readings. Each reading is taken and recorded under the watchful eye of the medical professional, assuring underwriters of its accuracy.
  • Data Integrity for Underwriters:
    The crux of insurance underwriting is reliable data. Videography’s recorded sessions provide underwriters with an unimpeachable record of the health screening process. This level of transparency and detail offers underwriters a clear view of the proposer’s health, enabling them to make well-informed decisions. With VideoMER, the lack of visual confirmation can lead to underwriting policies based on erroneous data, a risk that Videography eliminates entirely.

The Videography Process: A Step-by-Step Overview

Videography is revolutionizing the insurance medical examination process with its meticulous and transparent approach. Here’s a detailed walk-through of the Videography process that demonstrates its thoroughness and reliability:

  • Step 1. Scheduling and Preparation:
    The journey begins when a proposer schedules an appointment. A certified phlebotomist is then dispatched to the proposer’s location, equipped with all necessary medical instruments and a secure video recording device.
  • Step 2. Initial Verification:
    Upon arrival, the phlebotomist confirms the identity of the proposer using government-approved ID cards, such as Aadhar or PAN, ensuring that the health data collected corresponds to the correct individual.
  • Step 3. Setting the Stage:
    The phlebotomist prepares the equipment and ensures that the proposer is comfortable and ready for the examination. The proposer’s consent is obtained before the video recording begins, establishing a foundation of trust and transparency.
  • Step 4. Live Video Link:
    A video link is established with a medical professional who oversees the entire process. If the proposer lacks the necessary technology, the phlebotomist assists by providing access to a device, ensuring no one is excluded from the service.
  • Step 5. Real-Time Observation:
    As the phlebotomist conducts the medical tests, including ECG, urine sample collection, measures height, weight, blood pressure and blood draws, the medical professional watches and records each step. This live supervision prevents any discrepancies and affirms the authenticity of the test procedures and results.
  • Step 6. Documenting the Details:
    Throughout the examination, the proposer’s vital statistics, such as weight, height, and blood pressure, are measured and verbally confirmed by the phlebotomist, with the medical professional recording these details for a clear audio-visual log.
  • Step 7. Identity and Document Verification:
    The proposer presents their ID to the camera, allowing the system to capture and verify it against government records automatically. This step eliminates the risk of identity fraud and ensures that the medical data collected is accurately attributed.
  • Step 8. Completion and Reporting:
    A complete VideoMER is then done by a medical professional. Once the medical assessment is complete, the doctor compiles a comprehensive health report. This report is then made available to the underwriter, providing a detailed and verified account of the proposer’s health status.
  • Step 9. Quality Assurance and Follow-up:
    After the session, the recorded video and collected health data undergo a rigorous quality assurance check to ensure all procedures were carried out correctly and all information is accurate. Follow-up actions are taken as necessary, based on the findings of the assessment.

Videography in Action: A Real-Time Demonstration

To truly appreciate the impact and functionality of Videography, seeing it in action is invaluable. We invite you to watch our detailed demonstration video on YouTube. This visual guide provides an in-depth look at how Videography seamlessly integrates technology with medical expertise to revolutionize health assessments in the insurance sector.

Experience the Efficiency and Precision of Videography

In this video, you’ll witness the meticulous process of a Videography session, from the initial identity verification to the comprehensive medical examination conducted by our skilled phlebotomists and overseen by medical professionals via video link. Pay close attention to the real-time recording and reporting, which form the cornerstone of this innovative approach.

Not only does this demonstration highlight the procedural aspects, but it also sheds light on the human element of Videography. You’ll see the care and professionalism that goes into making each session as comfortable and informative as possible for the proposer.

By the end of the video, you’ll have a deeper understanding of why Videography is the preferred choice for accurate and transparent health screenings in the insurance industry.

In conclusion, Videography represents a significant leap forward in the realm of insurance health assessments. By marrying the precision of medical science with the advancements of digital technology, it offers an unrivaled level of accuracy, security, and convenience. This innovative approach not only enhances the integrity of the underwriting process but also provides a seamless and reassuring experience for the proposer. As we continue to embrace and refine this technology, Videography stands as a beacon of progress in the insurance industry, setting new standards for reliability and trust in health screenings. Join us in this journey towards a more transparent and efficient future in insurance health assessments, where every individual’s health story is captured accurately and respectfully.

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