Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is not entirely new to the industry or a new concept, but the recent advancements in technology, specifically communication technology, makes IoT the next best thing for the industry and also marks a new era in human technology interfacing. A decade ago, sending a wireless communication to switch on or off your transistor would have won an award, now, using mobile to control your home temperature will probably get you a support ticket should there be any delay in controls execution. Everything can be connected to the internet, all communications between relays, sensors can work seamlessly and complete process automation is enabled via the Internet of Things (IoT).

Quicsolv Technologies is into providing solutions to businesses and enabling them to become better connected and geared up for the next industrial revolution. We are geared to provide solutions in a broad spectrum of applications. Our solutions help the customers evaluate better their processes, scale-up up their operations, analyse data and take hyper decisions and integrate these solutions into their existing eco-system to ensure that maximum ROI is derived.

We have formed strategic industry partnerships and have ensured that the open standards are used so that the solutions would cater to world standards and would become compatible even with other systems.


There are various sectors or areas where the solutions are available are given below.

Healthcare IoT

  • Remote Health Monitoring
  • Critical Equipment Tracking
  • Tracking Patients, Staff
  • Security & Safety

Events & Trade Fair IoT

  • Registration & Tracking People
  • Energy Efficient
  • Proximity Notifications
  • Event Heatmaps
  • Indoor Navigation

Shopping Mall IoT

  • Proximity Marketing
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Automated Parking
  • Augmented Reality Shopping
  • Loyalty Programs

Internet of Things Spotlights

All these solutions mentioned have some common features which come in to play viz. Authentication, Identification, Tracking & Trace-ability, Automation, Optimization, multiple Process & Technology integration etc. Some of the key features which are in spotlight are:


The security of students and children studying in schools came in to limelight due to some un-toward incidents. These came as a wake-up call for many. The IoT devices enable the ability of identifying as well as authenticating the people as to whether they have the valid identities as well as check for if they are authorized to be in the area detected. These abilities open out the possibility of detecting multiple exception scenarios and there by the opportunities of solutions.


Another feature that is works out is that with the ability to identify the Asset or Person by tagging, it now becomes possible to track. Asset tracking and Security to certain extent go hand in hand and these again come forth with solutions of Asset management, even the ability to Route them through the correct channel to the target location. These also make way for multiple applications.


The IoT devices and the technology supporting it now makes it easier to deal with streaming data from various feeds which can be fed into a central brain that can now detect anomalies and new learning about the conditions and behaviors of systems in a more comprehensive way. A lot of Predictive Analytics can be done with live data that would get generated.

We will prepare you for the future!!!

We have a well laid down 4 step approach to help our customers move on to their next level…..

IoT Approach

Quicsolv recommends a 4 stage approach towards embracing and implementing an IoT solution as shown below. Each stage would need clarity at the start in terms of goals and a review in terms of whether the ultimate goals outlined get catered in the process.


IoT Offerings

Quicsolv has a multi-layered service offerings for Internet of Things (IoT) as outlined below:

IoT Service Offerings

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