Asset Tracking Solution

Iot based solution for tracking the assets of your organization

Iot based solution for Asset Tracking

An Asset Tracking software which can be used in multiple use cases especially in organizations where tracking their assets  has a direct impact on the bottom line

Get rid of the legacy methods of asset tracking and embrace new ways of doing it. Provide your Assets with an identity and track it through the asset lifecycle within the organization.  What is most exciting about it is that you do so remotely and from anywhere in the world.


Remote Track

Traditional way of tracking assets involved a lot of manual intervention. This lead to multiple challenges and inaccuracies and many times people don’t bother to make that effort. This makes making any predictions or commitments based on it difficult or inaccurate.


Today’s there are many assets lying around in the company without a proper identification or location, thus hardly anybody knows about these assets. This leads to an inventory of the assets which are of not much use and hence classified as Non-Performing Asset.

Unaccounted Loss

The inability to locate results in lost value-able time, re-orders or remake resulting in wastage, important projects getting affected due to re-routed resources. All these scenarios result in business losses which get typically unaccounted.

Asset Tracking Solution

An easy to implement modern technological solutions which can help organizations optimally use their assets and take advantage of the “know”ledge of not the just the location but also how path tread by the asset. The trace-ability of assets provides value-able inputs about the business operations and optimizations needed.


track trace


Low Maintenance

The tracking tags used have very low power requirements therefore have very low maintenance needed

Man & Machine Track

One can track both people as well as the equipment or machines involved thus having the ability to have the process involved in between to them to be mapped with data.

Web based Dashboard

A web based remote dashboard allows one to remotely track the assets and locate the current location. This will help one locate them from anywhere


Industrial safety is crucial and unsafe areas can be marked to ensure alarms are raised and one get to trace to see if there are trace paths of assets which move near these unsafe zones.

Trace Analysis

The ability to create analytical information regarding the process based on the traces recorded at different points in the process. This information provides value-able insights in terms where the bottlenecks are present in the process thus enabling the management to take informed decisions.


Lower Cost

It can increase productivity and reduce expense. With inventory visibility across facilities, you can reduce wasted procurement costs.


With the ability track the assets – comes visibility organization wide – the assets leave a trace at different points within the company premises as well as when it leaves the premise to be shipped to the vendor’s stock point or to the customer’s house.

Better Operational Efficiency

Upgrade your processes by adding automation to business flows and thereby removing steps delaying the process as well as those with manual intervention.

Customer Satisfaction

Clarity of the status of Customer Orders due to better visibility of the readiness of a shipment results in setting up the right expectations with the customers and thereby naturally a better Customer Satisfaction

Do you want to modernize your asset management?

How does Asset Tracking Solution work?

The Asset Tracking Solution works using asset and people tracking tags. These tags identify the assets and people being tracked by communicating their locations to gateways placed at different planned points. This tracking happens on an intermittent manner and these traces are maintained. The gateways act as markers to identify where the asset currently is placed. The gateways are connected to the cloud-based or a central server and they keep sending the track and trace data. The web based dashboard provides the process stages and the locations of the assets in these stages along with others operational data. Thus the solution as a whole provides a remote mechanism for tracking and tracing of your assets.