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Productivity, Efficiency, Safety and Profits are the primary measures of success. A key to get them right is knowing where your assets are at any given point will help ensure the best utilization. RTLS (Real time location service) technology provides this smartness by delivering real time tracking system and end to end visibility of all containers, warehouse pallets and returnable packaging. Thus ensuring your customers an on time delivery and proactive communication.

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Features of Warehouse Pallet Tracking System

Real time pallet tracking

Real-Time Pallet Tracking

The pallets tagged with Genio pallet tags become trackable on a real time dashboard. The real time location tracking system provides real time location visible on the dashboard as well as on a map of the plant to give an visual picture of the location.

Pallet & Product Search

The pallet tags are attached to the pallet. Bluetooth positioning and tracking makes it possible to easily search for the pallets and locate them visually with in a map based on allocated areas.

Pallet & product search
Wrong location Alert

Wrong Location Alert

Pallets can be allocated locations where they are expected to found and the moment they are tracked going out of this location , an Alert gets raised. This sends a notification to the Managers and Security staff.

Vendor Location Pallet Tracking

Pallets are sent to various vendor locations, generally the count is rarely maintained even for the returnable packaging ones. The dashboard provides an accurate count of the pallets sent to vendor locations thus accurately accounting for pallets

Vendor location pallet tracking
Finished good ageing

Finished Goods Ageing

Supply chain demands results in FIFO not getting implemented. Finished Goods ageing report shows the how long a finished good has been in the warehouse as well as alert if there are goods above certain age.

Accurate Pallet Accounting

Pallet costs although small would become significant if their numbers are high. Once a pallet has been tagged, keep an accurate track of your pallet counts in terms within warehouse, at vendor locations, in transit as well as those unaccounted or lost.

Accurate pallet accounting

Benefits of a Warehouse Pallet Tracking System

Asset Tracking

19% of employee time is wasted in searching for assets. With easy pallet tracking  and searching for pallets in place, no time gets wasted searching for the locations of products and their pallets. With real-time tracking in place, it is possible for the managers and sales team to get an idea on the status of order fulfillment by getting to know how many pallets are ready in the warehouse for shipping.

Benefits of pallet tracking Asset tracking
Benefits of pallet tracking Incident Management

Incidents Management

As warehouse pallets can often be lost, stolen or misplaced – tracking them using an ISAE Gateway that uses bluetooth technology makes it easier to find. If any pallet leaves their tracking zones alerts are automatically raised and notifications sent.

Hyper Decision Making

ISAE engine continuously monitors the IoT data from the pallet tags. Using a built-in ML engine, ISAE server is able to take decisions and notifications to the relevant stake holders.

Benefits of pallet tracking Hyper decision making
Benefits of pallet tracking Asset ageing

Asset Ageing

Usually inventory is stored in separate zones to avoid mixing and easy retrieval. Real estate being costly, IoT bases warehouse pallet position can easily be tracked even if the items are stored together, thus optimizing storage space as well as inventory management using IoT.

Warehouse Pallet Tracking System

Seamlessly track your pallets and easily and quickly locate your products

GENIO Pallet Tag – An IoT based Smart Pallet tracking solution for your warehouse

Pallet Tracking Dashboard
Genio Pallet Tag, ISAE Server, Dashboard & GatewaysThe Genio Pallet Tag talks to ISAE Server which works as the central intelligence and providing a Dashboard which will help configure and get the data and insights. The Gateways are constantly tracking the smart cards and transmitting their locations to the central system

Single Dashboard

Easily track and view your pallets in real time on the dashboard as well as get all notifications

Wireless & Easy Setup

Bluetooth based wireless solution with very little infrastructure needed to get it running

IoT based

Implements the ISAE IoT framework which can be further extended and customized

Our IoT based Smart  system  is extremely easy to set up and use.  Quickly functional system that allows the tracking of your pallets in an uninterrupted manner.

Know where your pallets are any time

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Enable your warehouse with a seamless, contact less pallet tracking system

How it works?

QuicSolv’s Pallet Tracking solution is the one-stop solution you’ve been looking for! It will take care of real-time tracking as well as monitor real-time movements on the floor, and ensure productivity as well as security for your products.

The Genio Pallet tag  forms the heart of the solution. It is an ergonomically designed to shape and fit in to the pallets. The pallets to be tracked would be fitted each with these pallet tags. There would be Smart Relays and Gateways fitted within the workplace premises. These gateways relay the information from these tags along with the location information to the central server.

The central server acts as the coordinating central brain. It receives the inputs from these gateways to apply intelligence on top of it to come up with the measures for tracking the location. This kind of monitoring includes creating virtual zones which are assigned specific business rules and then monitored remotely.

How it works-yard-management
Genio Smart ID System FlowIt shows how the information flows from the Genio Pallet Tag to the ISAE relays and gateways. These transmit to the ISAE server where these inputs are processed and displayed on the dashboard.

Implementation Process

implementation process
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