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With increasing competition in every sector of the business world, the only thing that can bring a company ahead of the curve is the employee productivity. Tracking your employees, can help improve productivity, and ensure that people are not laying back, determine variable pay, comply with data security requirements and so on.

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Features of Employee Monitoring and Tracking System

Tracking manpower in real time

Real-Time Tracking

The supervision task of making sure that the employees and contractors are at their designated locations at all times is reduced considerably. This tracking happens seamlessly without any manual intervention. Additionally, it is data-oriented leaving no room for discrepancies.

Safety & Security

Employee safety is the most important task for any organization and most accidents occur when employees tread in locations that they are not authorized or areas marked as Danger zones. Real time updates on such trespassing is now a easily possible.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing

Social Distancing is the new norm but monitoring it in a workplace is a difficult task if done manually. If this tracking is automated, then the employees would become self-disciplined with warning alarms every time t. Repeat offenders can be easily disciplined.

Contact Tracing

Most organizations are not equipped with creating a contact tracing report if an employee is found infected. Now with a click of a button, a detailed contact tracing report along with social distancing breaches can be easily made available.

Eficiency calculation

Efficiency Calculation

Efficiency is the function of total hours available divided by the total hours at work station allocated. Minute by minute calculation of such hours is now available easily using this solution.

SoS Alert

SoS Alert can be sent from the card directly to a dashboard or as an SMS or even a phone call, depending upon the criticality of the location from where the SOS has been triggered.


Manual SOS Raised

Benefits of a Employee Monitoring System

No Biometric Attendance

There is no need for a biometric identification hence no proximity or contact required to register attendance.  The Genio ID card is detected automatically and attendance logged. This way it helps avoid the spread of infections as well as can track employee movements seamlessly as there is no longer any manual dependency.

No Biometric Attendance
Location Tracking

Location Tracking

In a large setup like a manufacturing plant it becomes difficult to track where employees are located. Realtime tracking enables to locate where the employee are actually physically located with out the need to call and check on them.

Prevent Tailgating

Smart ID card can track dozens of ID cards at a time, so, employees cannot indulge in a tailgate party. Their in times and out times and break times can be easily calculated as it gets recorded automatically as they pass by.

Prevent Tailgating
Proxy Attendance

Prevent Proxy Attendance

When attendance is based on ID cards, it’s easy to carry a friends card along and fake the attendance. This is not possible with Smart ID cards, as they would alarm social distancing if two or more cards are in close proximity with each other.

Ensure Social Distancing & Easy Contact Tracing

Manage Social Distancing in places like office, shop floor, work place, washrooms, canteens etc. can be reported in real time so as to avoid spread of infections. Helps remove the detective work and get factual results of social tracing.

Benefits of employee tracking
employee motivation

Accurate Data drives Employee Motivation

Now, employees who are diligent can be motivated by giving appropriate rewards. This is now possible as there is accurate data available to calculate efficiencies and productivity. As this data is collected uniformly and automatically. it becomes less contentious and controversial.

Time Tracking and Payroll

With real-time tracking, giving data of all-day attendance to the HR for calculating Payroll. It also becomes easier for reviewing invoices of the contract labour as well as handle any disputes since there is a record available for ratification.

time tracking payroll
Employee Performance

Evaluate Employee Performance

Every firm has the policy of employee appraisals based on employee performance. With the help of the employee tracking system, managers are greatly enabled with the insights provided in terms of the productive time spent as well as the utilization. The managers would be able to judge and decide based on facts and data oriented approach. Additionally such a system would act as a deterrent.

Stop Monitoring Employees

No more wasting time manually tracking employees and start focussing on performance. The system monitors the movement and location of the employees. No more issues like ethics in using Employee Monitoring Software. This makes it a lot easier and data-oriented for supervisors or managers to identify problems and discuss the same with the employees.

Monitoring Employees
avoid accidents

Prevent Accidents

By putting appropriate business rules, the system can send out alerts or hoots on un-authorized entry of personnel and also alert when the card is not active while in a hazard zone. This helps avoid accidents offering better employee care.

Employee Tracking & Monitoring System for Workplace

Seamless Access as well as Attendance management along with tracking to easily and quickly locate your employees

GENIO Smart Id- A Smart IoT based solution for your workplace

manpower dashboard
Genio Id Card, ISAE Server, Dashboard & GatewaysThe Genio ID card talks to ISAE Server which works as the central intelligence and providing a Dashboard which will help configure and get the data and insights. The Gateways are constantly tracking the smart cards and transmitting their locations to the central system


Our ISAE engine is able to pick up real-time IoT data and perform decision making using on-board ML Engine

Incidents Management

The solution does not need continuous monitoring. When rules are breached, alerts are created automatically.


Efficiency is the function of total hours available divided by the total hours at work station allocated.

With the help of our IoT based Smart Id system – GENIO –  it is extremely easy to set up and use.  Quickly functional system that allows the tracking of employees and their productivity. With a guaranteed battery of 3 years, the BLE tags never fail to keep working with you.

No more worry of Employee Productivity

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How it works?

QuicSolv’s GENIO Smart Id is the one-stop solution you’ve been looking for! It will take care of real-time tracking or manpower related compliance, monitor real-time situations on the floor, and ensure productivity as well as safety of the workforce at the job.

Smart ID card forms the heart of the solution. It is an ergonomically designed to shape and fit in as an identity card. Every employee would be provided with this smart id card. There would be Smart Relays and Gateways fitted within the workplace premises. These gateways relay the information from the id card along with the location information to the central server.

The central server acts as the coordinating central brain. It receives the inputs from these gateways to apply intelligence on top of it to come up with the measures for tracking the workplace. This kind of workplace monitoring includes creating virtual zones which are assigned specific business rules and then monitored remotely.

How Genio Smart ID works
Genio Smart ID System FlowIt shows how the information flows from the Genio Smart ID to the ISAE relays and gateways. These transmit to the ISAE server where these inputs are processed and displayed on the dashboard.

Implementation Process

implementation process

Indoor location systems and Employee Monitoring Solutions

Geolocation of people and vehicles outdoors using GPS has been a fully assimilated and widely used technology for years to make better use of our time and resources.
As companies, we use it to locate vehicles and employees in real-time to know where they are and to check if tasks are being executed correctly. But what happens with indoor location systems for apps with indoor navigation and solutions for employee indoor tracking inside factories, and buildings, where the GPS doesn’t work?

Indoor GPS?
First, we must remember that, to geolocate indoors, we cannot use the GPS signal, as the signal from the satellites is not able to pass through the structure of the buildings.
Secondly, what is really located are not people, but in most cases are usually smartphones.

Alternatives for indoor location in real-time.

There are different alternatives to locating indoors in real-time. Some, such as ultrawideband, allow location with centimetre accuracy but require a very high infrastructure investment that increases implementation and maintenance costs.
Other alternatives are based on signals emitted by devices such as beacons or routers. Their main disadvantage is their low precision and security.
In relation to these alternatives, QuicSolv’s indoor positioning system is different from them because it provides a more robust solution thanks to the use of our Algorithm based on Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh System.
QuicSolv’s technology allows locating a person with an average accuracy of around 5 meters, much more than enough to track an employee in a large premise.

QuicSolv’s Employee monitoring: More than just the location of employees

The location and monitoring of employees through QuicSolv’s indoor positioning system opens the door to greater profitability and process security.

  • Employees indoor tracking and monitoring help improve processes. By locating employees in real-time and recording their locations in the system, it is possible to react better to unforeseen events and to audit and check whether they have been in the right place at the right time. This application is especially valuable for auditing the services offered by Manpower Supply Contractors.
  • It allows checking if all employees have been where they should be thanks to the data stored about their activity and ensuring access control to restricted areas.
  • Individual, Cohort as Well as Workstation Level Efficiency calculations
  • Indirect Labor workforce management through real-time analytics
    • Automatic Attendance data
    • Automatic Shift Management and Overstay calculations
  • Facilitates a better reaction to unforeseen events, since everyone’s location can be viewed on a single panel.
  • Increases the security of workers through intelligent alarms such as the panic button and the man down alert.
  • The system also provides information on the number of visitors, duration of visits or areas with more traffic.

How can I implement an indoor location system in my company?

The implementation of the system can be done in just two weeks.

If you are interested in knowing how QuicSolv’s Employee monitoring and Indoor positioning system can help improve the processes and services in your factory/building or in requesting a trial at your facility, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out this form.

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