Employee Tracking and Monitoring using RTLS (Real Time Location Systems)

Need for Employee Tracking and monitoring

With increasing competition in every sector of the business world, the only thing that can bring a company ahead of the curve is the employee productivityTracking your employees, can help  improve productivity, and ensure that people are not laying back, determine variable pay, comply with data security requirements and so on.

The Benefits of an Employee Tracking and Monitoring System

Wasting office work hours is a prevalent problem in most companies. Although this problem increases drastically if the management has no way to track employee productivity. An IOT employee time tracking software in real time allows the management to not only know exactly what time their employees enter the workspace but also tracks how long employees spent at their workstations.

BLE Tags allow employee monitoring in the following ways

  • Gateways record the exact time of arrival of an employee
  • Employee tracking shows the live location of the employee in the workspace
  • Grant authorized access using google nearby

Minimize Supervision and Micromanagement

With the help of NCR (Non Compliance Report) generation, the system monitors the employees without the need for you to manually track the employees. The system uses a set of predetermined regulations that the employees must follow. For example, if an employee is at a location that he’s not supposed to be, the system raises a red flag allowing you to then take a proper course of action.

IOT tags tells you when people are away from their workstations in real time (RTLS).

If required, managers can choose to look at weekly and monthly generated reports to track employee productivity

Downloadable Reports :

Reports in daily, weekly and monthly time format available for download

Charts and Report Analysis :

Important metrics shown as bar graphs and detailed report analysis of employees in daily, weekly and monthly format will be sent to the management.

employee monitoring graphs

QuicSolv technologies employee monitoring tool built on the ISAE framework has covered all aspects of employee tracking using RTLS technology. From tracking employees activity to automatically logging time entries. The IOT based employee monitoring software is one of the most efficient tools to track the employee’s productivity in the workspace.

Our Employee tracking software is extremely easy to set up and use, unlike conventional RFID tags that take months to install. Once set up, the tags are immediately functional and allow the tracking of employees and their productivity. With a guaranteed battery of 3 years, the BLE tags never fail to provide the highest employee productivity.

Advantages of employee tracking system

Evaluate Employee Performance:

Every firm has the policy of allowing employee appraisals based on employee performance.

With the help of the employee tracking system, managers can know exactly how much time a specific employee spent at their work station, comparing it to the work completed.

Employee tracking using real time location systems, allows you to improve your overall employee performance.

On the basis of these reports, the firm executives and managers would be able to evaluate their employees in the most efficient way.

Manage Office Properly:

Employee monitoring and tracking using RTLS is the best way to enforce a work ethic and professional work outcome.

With proper employee tracking, all aspects of the company fall into place, employees will be working in work hours, the administration staff will be supervising and taking care of general matters and the bosses can focus on the growth of the firm.

Better the administration, the better the results. In short, employee monitoring is extremely useful in maintaining a peaceful environment within the workplace.

Recognition Benefits of Monitoring Employee Performance

Being able to see what your employees are doing well gives you the opportunity to congratulate them and recognize them for the good work they are doing. When you can back up the recognition with evidence gathered from the monitoring system, then the employee will have fewer trust issues with the idea of being monitored.

Although Employee tracking and monitoring has its Pros and Cons, we believe that the pros outweigh the cons. Through monitoring employees, you can increase productivity, customer satisfaction and gain better administration

Employee time tracking features

  • Timesheet:

Get live entry and exit notifications of employees using (RTLS)

  • Leave Days :

Allow or deny a request for personal leave days for employees using the same dashboard

  • Individual Dashboards :

Gather individual employee records using personal dashboards for employees

Employee monitoring and tracking has the potential to greatly improve your company’s and employees productivity in several ways and therefore it has a direct impact on your firm’s overall growth and profit.

How It Works

  • Attach the gateway at the point of entry

The gateway remotely connects to the Wi-Fi, and starts transmitting data to the cloud

  • Provide BLE tags to employees

Each ID Card is unique to the employee, allowing accurate tracking of employee time logs.

  • Provide BLE tags to visitors

Track the whereabouts of the visitor Live, Map a route for the visitor , Receive Alerts if Visitor deviates from the predetermined route, Easily maintain and store visitor Logs

  • Allow the Software to monitor for you

The system will automatically log the entry and exit of the employee, automatically when the employee passes the gateway. With a range of up to 100 meters in plain line of sight, Gateways detect BLE ID Cards easily and log employee attendance

  • Dashboard

With the help of RTLS technology, the gateways allow proximity location tracking of employees. All data is easily accessible through the Dashboard, accessible remotely like Entry/Exit Logs of employees, Live Location of Employees, Productivity Graph (Weekly), Over Time working employees, Non Compliance Reports, Proximity Access Alerts