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With increasing competition in every sector of the business world, the only thing that can bring a company ahead of the curve is the employee productivity. Tracking your employees, can help improve productivity, and ensure that people are not laying back, determine variable pay, comply with data security requirements and so on.

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Features of Employee Monitoring and Tracking System

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Attendance System

The Genio system logs the clock in as well as the clock out of employees. The in time and out time gets captured when the employee passes by the gateway. There is time card calculator which provides the hours clocked by the employee.

Realtime Tracking

System monitors the employees without the need for you to manually track the employees. The Genio Cards tells you on a real time basis using RTLS. (real time location system). This will help know where the an employee is currently located as well as providing information as to how much time the employee spent in a particular section.

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Plug n Play

 System is extremely easy to set up and use and is immediately functional. There is a facility provided for assisted configuration making the setup an Do It Yourself (DIY) thus reduce the complexity. This also makes it easier if there is any maintenance required.

Cloud Based

The system utilizes the ISAE framework  to talk to the cloud server. The server acts as the brain for the system by providing the intelligence needed. Additionally are there are reports in daily, weekly and monthly format available to help track employee productivity. Charts and analytics provide Management with insights movement patterns of employees.


Asset tracking
mobile app employee tracking

Mobile App

A mobile application provides easy access to information to the managers who are not at their desk. It allows the managers to easily check on the location of the employees reporting. Additionally it can provide quick employee information including their clock in time.

Benefits of a Employee Monitoring System

Non Biometric Attendance

There is no need for a biometric identification hence no proximity or contact required to register attendance.  The Genio ID card is detected automatically and attendance logged. This way it helps avoid spread of infections as well as can track employee movements seamlessly as there is no longer any manual dependency.

contactless attendance
easy location

Location Tracking

In a large setup like a manufacturing plant it becomes difficult to track where employees are located. Realtime tracking enables to locate where the employee are actually physically located with out the need to call and check on them.

Minimize Monitoring

System monitors the movement and location of the employees. There is no need for you to manually track the employees. The time spend in a particular section by the employee or even outside their work area gets recorded. This way the tracking is factual, realtime as well as data oriented. This makes it lot easier for supervisors or managers to identify problems and discuss the same with the employees.

supervision & manangement
employee performance

Evaluate Employee Performance

Every firm has the policy of employee appraisals based on employee performance. With the help of the employee tracking system, managers are greatly enabled with the insights provided in terms of the productive time spent as well as the utilization. The managers would be able to judge and decide based on facts and data oriented approach. Additionally such a system would act as a deterrent.

Employee Safety & Security

Employee monitoring and tracking using RTLS is the best way to provide a proactive and safe environment to work. In offices and workplaces spread over large areas it becomes difficult to do so. Early warnings can be given when there are unauthorized people detected in certain sensitive areas from Security as well as personal safety perspective. Additionally Genio Id cards come with alert button on the card which when pressed triggers an SOS to the security.

employee safety

Employee Tracking & Monitoring System for Workplace

Seamless Access as well as Attendance management along with tracking to easily and quickly locate your employees

GENIO Smart Id- A Smart IoT based solution for your workplace

workplace monitoring
Genio Smart IDThis smart id card provided to the employee, will help track and trace by connecting with the gateways
manpower dashboard
Central Genio Server, Dashboard & GatewaysThe Genio Server works as the central intelligence and providing a Dashboard which will help configure and get the data and insights. The Gateways are constantly tracking the smart cards and transmitting their locations to the central system

With the help of our IoT based Smart Id system – GENIO –  it is extremely easy to set up and use.  Quickly functional system that allows the tracking of employees and their productivity. With a guaranteed battery of 3 years, the BLE tags never fail to keep working with you.

No more worry of Employee Productivity

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How it works?

QuicSolv’s GENIO Smart Id is the one-stop solution you’ve been looking for! It will take care of real-time tracking or manpower related compliance, monitor real-time situations on the floor, and ensure productivity as well as safety of the workforce at the job.

Smart ID card forms the heart of the solution. It is an ergonomically designed to shape and fit in as an identity card. Every employee would be provided with this smart id card. There would be Smart Relays and Gateways fitted within the workplace premises. These gateways relay the information from the id card along with the location information to the central server.

The central server acts as the coordinating central brain. It receives the inputs from these gateways to apply intelligence on top of it to come up with the measures for tracking the workplace. This kind of workplace monitoring includes creating virtual zones which are assigned specific business rules and then monitored remotely.

How Genio Smart ID works
Genio Smart ID System FlowIt shows how the information flows from the Genio Smart ID to the ISAE relays and gateways. These transmit to the ISAE server where these inputs are processed and displayed on the dashboard.
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