Security Patrol Guards Management Solution

Feel assured about monitoring security guards with key performance indicators provided for the security manager using an online Security Patrol Guards Management solution that keeps your workforce connected, tracked and managed 24×7 using the latest Internet of Things technology

IoT Solutions for a new connected world of Security Operations Management

Build smarter Internet of Things (IoT) based systems to create a security patrol management solution which will change the patrol monitoring and guard tours are conducted.

The system is made of ISaE Gateways, ISaE Tags and ISaE Cloud. The Tags are tracked continuously by the ISaE Gateways. The Gateways connect with the ISaE Cloud. The ISaE Cloud is the Command Center that is the central component to the entire solution.

What is ISaE?

Understand more about ISaE (Intelligent Systems Around Everything) – what it is? what are the components and how they work together?

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ISaE Gateway

ISaE - Gateway

ISaE Tag

ISaE - People Tag

ISaE Cloud

security guards management software


An easy to implement solution and affordable security guard tour system and patrol solution which does not need mobile application providing the guard tracking, exception alerts, daily reports, time and attendance and guard calendars
security guards management software



Guard Map

View in a map the guards deployed in the area and current their location, giving a live Attendance report.

SoS Alerts

Easily send out an SoS alerts to Security Dispatchers with the double click of a button to send a backup to the pinpointed location of the guard

KPI based security management & Reports

Get an analysis of the data with reports giving the various key performance indicators for security managers on guard wise performances with various filters to view specific reports like Attendance, Alerts or Exceptions generated, Tour Times, Punctuality etc to help streamline security operations management of your security agency business.

security guards management software

Guard Tours

Get a live feed in terms of the checkpoints on the current location as well as the data in terms the time when a checkpoint got crossed thereby helping the security officers to keep track and monitor, thus increasing the Officer accountability.


Continuous Monitoring

There is continuous monitoring about where the security guards are currently on a map so that one can pin point the position where the guards are located at any given point

Know Guard Details

One can specifically check a location and get multiple details of the guard like the name and attendance as well as In and Out times at the location.

Customer Connect

The customer is empowered since he can directly check on the position of security within premises as well as get a report with regard to the security guard attendance.

Workforce Optimization

The security firm or agency gets a complete picture in terms of workforce deployment and can now look at deploying them in more optimized manner thereby with reduced administrative expenses.

Are you ready to upgrade the way your security business operates?

How does QUIC SECURITY solution work?

The QUIC SECURITY solution is a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) based technology. The solution involves the deployment of the ISaE Gateways on the various security checkpoints. The security guards are provided with the ISaE tags which are made available in the form of Id card to be carried by the security on person. The Tag gives the guard an identifier which is associated with the guard details in a process of provisioning. The Tag on each of the guard talks to the Gateways. The Gateways are connected to the ISaE cloud based Command Center which records the position of the guard based on the distance as measured by the Gateway. The track of each guard’s position is kept along the date and time is stored in a database and maintained as a record for all future purposes. The Gateways typically are placed on all the security check points to provide a complete picture of the guard tour conducted by a guard. Additionally, if there is a SOS button is pressed by the guard, the Command Center is alerted of it so that the needed action can be taken.