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Due to the current pandemic situation, companies need to rethink strategies before they can be restarted. Monitoring employees in the workplace has become a necessity in such times to help maintain social distancing in the workplace, safeguard employee health, avoid crowding, and business continuity. We have an easy solution for you – Genio!

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The Smart ID will check the number of people on the bus to ensure that it doesn’t exceed the permitted number of passengers.

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Entry Gate

A thermal sensor attached to a transmitter will take the employee details along with temperature and record it.

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Contactless iCard

To avoid any risk possessed by manual or biometric attendance a Bluetooth based, contactless iCard will be used.

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 A sensor near next to the sanitizer will check for sanitization against every employee in the office and on the bus.

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Monitoring hazards in the workplace by tracking of the cleaner’s dwell time in a particular shared area to get the data on the cleanliness.

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Social Distancing

 Protocol can be set for max number of people allowed in the canteen, training or meeting room.

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Social Tracing

You can easily trace infected people, get the record of all the places visited by them to identify contaminated areas and people who need to be quarantined.


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Crisis Preparedness

Maintain a coronavirus office policy, data traceability, keeping a record of temperatures of all employees will help prepare.

How We Can Help You With Social Distancing in the Workplace

As you can see, in this current pandemic situation ensuring the health and safety of all the employees is of utmost importance. The workforce needs to be strong for a business to thrive and yield the desired results. Social distancing at work, safety on the shop floor, maintaining health and hygiene, workplace privacy, and employee monitoring are some of the measures that need to be followed conscientiously.

Employers are required to follow a “Safe Return to Work” guide that will direct them to the safety measures required against the spread of Covid19 in the workplace. You can prevent the spread of infections without letting the new work strategies affect productivity with the help of our IoT based Smart ID card – Genio! Get all the data on health, safety, attendance, and work productivity of employees at work in the palm of your hand.

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Stay alert against any future risks by recording the daily temperature of employees and analyzing it for any anomalies. Eliminate contact amongst co-workers by using contactless ID cards for attendance, allotting specific work schedules to avoid overcrowding, and real-time tracking to ensure employees are in the assigned zones. Check for sanitization against everyone with the sensor placed near sanitizers and monitor the dwell time of the cleaners to get the data on cleanliness and hygiene maintained in the workplace.

How It Works: This kind of workplace monitoring includes creating virtual zones which are assigned specific business rules and then monitored remotely. The gateways placed in these zones collect data from relays and send it to the central server in real-time. The installed relays collect data from ID cards that cover the entire workplace.

QuicSolv’s Smart ID card – Genio, is the one-stop solution you’ve been looking for! It will take care of real-time tracking or manpower related compliance, monitor real-time situations on the floor, and ensure productivity as well as safety of the workforce at the job.

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