IoT based Event Management System

Event where you will never get lost!! 24×7

Current Scenario

The Events are typically needs a lot of proactive management and this would need a lot of manpower since the events although planned lead to lot of impromptu situations since there is a lot of unplanned things that can happen. It therefore leads to a lot of reactive management e.g. a crowded situation that needs to be managed typically may be handled after the situation arisen.

Key Challenges

Man power Shortage

The events which are across large areas would need that there is enough security. The manpower typically is posted to ensure that there is optimal deployment but this typically falls short of the actual requirement.

No Constant Vigil

Constant vigil is not always possible due to various reasons majorly the fact that there is limited man power.

Target Marketing

The events typically have a lot of footfalls and specifically marketing content based on the likes and persona of the individuals becomes a difficult thing to do. Thus the marketing methods sought out are typically traditional and print based.

Tracking Event

In an event spread across a large area it becomes difficult to track and know what is happening where, many times one has to physically check out.

Can the Events be managed in a better way?

The solution to lies in getting the connect between event and the participant active and live!!

Quic Events

IoT based connected Event Management

Live Tracking

Enable your participants or attendees to know what events are currently being conducted in each venue inside the event. Also reach to the participants to let them know if there are some flash important announcements to be made.

Know them better

Reports on the footfall of attendees, preferences and areas interest will give good insights to the organizers as well as the participants a better picture of the current market trends.

Personalized Marketing

The event organizers and participants can reach out to the customers or attendees with personalized marketing content based on their personalized choices made when entering the event.

Resource Optimization

Any event is a resource intensive excercise and the better management involves controlling usage of these  resources which has a direct impact on the cost. Enable tracking the resources to ensure the optimal usage and deployment and thus a proper utilization and lesser costs.

Quic Events

Additional features enabling events with extended reach


A solution which will provide value additions to both the customers and the management

security patrol gaurd management dashboard


Multiple reports to give a complete picture of the sites and the security posted

security patrol gaurd location map

Guard Check

Easily check the location and details of a guard in your mobile

security patrol guard attendance report
security patrol guard attendance report

Who is where

Get to know which guard has been posted where and whether they are present

security patrol gaurd location map


Multiple reports to give a complete picture of the sites and the security posted