Indoor Navigation Solution

Change the way your customers experience your business when they walk around the space

Indoor Navigation Solution for Business Spaces

Indoor navigation basically is related to finding your way with buildings and covered spaces and other indoor environments like meeting rooms where GPS reception is poor. In such a scenario other positioning technologies like wi fi, BLE are used to create a navigation system which works indoors.

There are additional benefits that one can even give three dimensional position thus being able to identify as to which floor is the location using indoor positioning system. Most of the applications of this kind, expect that the user is guided to the destination in a turn by turn manner of navigation. This kind of system can provide an enhanced experience by providing a user a complete direction map in places like airports, stations, shopping centers and malls as well places of public interest like museums.



Way finding using mobile to help get better orientation inside your business spaces and enabling customers with comfort of knowing where they are currently. This acts like a GPS system for indoors, allowing a user to navigate around any new space. A simple mobile application will help the current position with the designated area as well as position with in the entire business space and also guide them to desired location.


Get your floor plan converted into digital maps which can be loaded into mobile apps. The indoor positioning works in tandem with these maps by accurately showing the current position as well as being able to search a desired location. View the entire business space using the maps and use augmented reality thereby provide for a virtual tour.


As the business customers move around the business they provide a host of valuable insights in to motion patterns and visitor behaviours which will help to optimize marketing campaigns. Help understand your customer better by knowing there dwell times, dwell points and areas of dwell density. These further could provide for more metrics like Campaign Analytics on a visual dashboard


Simple mobile based solution in to which any user can easily register to get mobile and easily navigate around the business space. The mobile application connects to the BLE signal gateways to convey the location of the customer to a centralized system to transmit back the current position on the map in the mobile. This position will also help the central system to calculate the best route to the location the user wants to navigate and transmit back.


Guided Tour

virtual and guided tour of the business space to your customers

Value Added Contexts

Target marketing campaigns to your customers in a contextual sense

Enhanced Customer Experience

Enable customers to search for contextual information

Business Insights

Data analytics of navigation data providing customer trends and metrics

Enable Your Business and Change your Customer Experience


people tracking events


In Events like trade fairs, trade shows, conferences and exhibitions the first time users are many and also there would be a variety of points of interest spread across the venue. The solution could help with booking slots, navigation and way finding, notifications etc.The event organizers will get a wealth of insights on the user behavior.


In healthcare, in places like a hospital, it becomes quite a challenge for patients and their relatives to navigate to the right location and in some situations, time is critical especially when it comes to emergency situations. A navigational system with a 2D map on a mobile that can guide you to the desired location is very useful in such highly critical places.

BLE Indoor Navigation Hospital
ble indoor navigation airports


Public places like Airport, Railway stations are another classic places where it would help to provide people with navigation to find their way around. A mobile app which can provide any registered user with information about the various important locations like check in counters, gates, toilets etc can make the traveler so much at ease.


Retail is another sector which can benefit from this since every new customer that gets added to the footfall of places like shopping malls will be greatly enabled. Easy registration, branding, marketing and insights are some of the major and direct benefits that would get raked in

ble indoor navigation retail

How does INDOOR NAVIGATION solution work?

The key to the indoor navigation system is the Mobile Application. The users download the navigation app from the App store and need to register on to the mobile with their mobile numbers. Once registered, the mobile application running on their mobile starts communicating with the gateways that are placed at various indoor locations within the business indoor spaces. These gateways pass the information id of the device and the user’s mobile number along with other details to the centralized server. The server then uses the location information obtained from the gateways to form a positional map of the users connected in real-time. This information of the position is transmitted back to the mobile application. The mobile application then projects the position on the map of the space generated on the user’s mobile device. This point of reference is now maintained by mobile applications by re transmitting and mapping back the positional information.