Proximity Marketing helps increase mall revenue

IoT based intelligent solutions taking your mall user experience to the next level

IoT based Marketing Solution for the Retail World

A complete solution that will help add marketing edge to every mall as well as the retailers by providing new paradigms of selling as well as analysing the marketing campaigns.

Have more connected and aware mall environment giving customers a richer experience with context based information.


Anonymous Customer

Shoppers currently don’t have an identity when moving around in the mall. This makes it difficult for the Deals and Offers to be delivered for target campaigns. It also makes it difficult for the mall to implement a loyalty program.

No Navigation

Typically large malls make it difficult for customers to navigate around. Malls have to provide personnel and maps around the mall to help customers. It becomes difficult for the customers to find specific shops or search for items where certain items are available. Many face issues like finding the location of nearest wash rooms, escalators, drinking water etc.  Even finding the parking location is a pain.

Inaccurate ROI

Store owners, as well as Mall owners, look for higher footfalls. There is a definite lack of quantified responses on the marketing campaigns conducted. It, therefore, makes ROI calculation difficult for the Marketing department of the malls.


A simple solution for commercial Malls to provide the retailers with not just real estate but also virtual market space with business and customer insights



Mobile Connect

Android and iOS applications of respective Malls for customers to download and get connected. This makes it easier for malls to reach out to a large number of customers. The mobile application allows the customer to access the mall ecosystem and provides a way to identify the customer within this ecosystem.

Customer Profiles

Every customer now has an identity when moving around the mall. The identity help provide value added services to individual as well as opens out more personalization opportunities.

Loyalty Programs

Malls can easily implement loyalty programs using the mobile application help increase the footfalls.

Smart Navigation

Easily move around the mall using a Wayfinder tool which will help with directions to reach the shop.  The Wayfinder tool acts as an indoor map to locate and reach a particular store. The additional bane of mall-goers is parking, it is very typical for one to park and forget where the vehicle was parked. The solution helps one mark the location within the parking space helping one find the parked vehicle.

Deals & Offers

Searchable list of deals and offers. Shops can put up the offers and deals of their choices which would get displayed under different categories. Every Shop page would display all the offers in the shop.


Increased Footfalls

The better customer experience, better discounts and Loyalty program will drive more customers to be coming back, thereby there will be increase in footfall.

Value Added Sales

The system would help provide stores with valuable information in terms of the Store capture rate, Spot offers, Signages and conversion rates, as well relative indexes in terms comparisons with other similar stores. They can also provide target campaigns using shopping profiles of customers.

Better Customer Experience

The overall customer experience is enhanced by giving the best deals available under the roof and help your way to the shop of their interest using wayfinder navigation tool.

Business Insights

A realtime Marketing Dashboard provides business with various information like the footfall metrics, Loyalty metrics, Heatmaps of the footfall, flow of the footfalls, path analytics. These would also help find the effectiveness of marketing campaigns thereby get a better ROI.

Change the your Mall's Customer Experience

How does PHYGITAL RETAIL for MALL solution work?

The PHYGITAL RETAIL for MALL solution combines the power of software as well as IoT to provide a value-added solution. It has a mobile application (iOS and Android) as a key component. Customer downloads the application from the respective stores and easily registers using the mobile number. Once registered, the customer can now access using the mobile application, all the deals and offers. The deals and offers are published from the centralized server which is fed into the server from the individual stores. The customer can search deals for an item and view the stores and the deals/offers.

There are gateways which are placed at different points within the mall help track the customer as he moves around the mall. Thus the system is able to provide Indoor Navigation which will help the user to locate the store based on the current location of the customer and which then is used to calculate the shortest distance to the store and thereby the directions to it.

The central web-based application acts as the nerve centre which helps in routing the messages between the systems. The deals and offers are added from the central server. These deals and offers then become available to the customers on their mobile application. The web-based application also provides a marketing dashboard to the mall owners which provide various metrics along with additional analytics like Visit Pattern Analytics.

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