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‘Yard Capacity’ and reduction of ‘Enterprise Transportation Costs’, have become the center of attention for all plant managers. As ‘Yard Management Systems’ are getting more intelligent, managing a yard has become easier. Monitoring the movement of trucks and trailers within a yard, distribution center, or warehouse using an intelligent dashboard has given the increased visibility of yard status.

With features like Gate Management, Truck Management, Dock Management, and Carrier Collaboration; QuicSolv’s Yard Management System allows organizations to easily view, gain insights and analytics, and manage yards, facilities, and transportation execution activities as integrated operations.

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Features of Yard Management System

Yard management benefits Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

Track all your assets within the yard in real-time and on a dashboard. This makes it possible to know when the trailers are moving from one dock to another. Additionally, movements in and out of the warehouses can also be tracked.

Dock Management

Schedule the trailers or truck docks to the specific docking station. This helps ensure that docks are never underutilized and that the trucks and trailers are not waiting on the sidelines. These appointments can be manually over-ridden as well as rescheduled.

Yard management benefits Dock Management
Yard management benefits Gate Management

Gate Management

As soon as a truck with a trailer enters the yard, the truck gets checked in and the parking space gets allocated as well as a dock appointment gets scheduled.   Automation streamlining procedures at the gate, making the check-in and check-out faster of the yard tractors, trailers, yard trucks, shuttle trucks, tractors.

Truck and Shuttle Management

Enable traffic managers to assign, prioritize the movement of tractors and trailers. Yard managers can monitor the location of the yard and shuttle trucks in real-time. They can manage the trucks/trailer or transportation units and allocate specific parking slots within the yard. As these slots get tracked so that as soon as they are parked it becomes visible on the dashboard.

Yard management benefits Truck and Shuttle Management
Yard management benefits Yard Management Analytics

Yard Management Analytics

The basic yard analytics like throughputs, Wait times, door arrival to departure time, Dock Door Utilization to those performances related to Yard Jockeys like a number of move requests performed. Additional KPIs like Carrying costs, Picking Accuracy can also be calculated.

Dock Utilisation

An optimum asset utilization means the company is being more efficient with each dollar spent. Many a time, there is no metric on asset utilization, availability, or location. The solution not only helps locate but also helps with utilization.

Yard management benefits Dock Utilization

Benefits of Yard Management System

Improve Efficiency

Synchronize operations in the yard with those in the warehouse. Optimize inbound and outbound operations while gaining visibility. Make the right decisions, quickly, while reducing operating costs. The imperative for so many facilities is to reduce yard congestion, queuing at the gate and throughput in general.

Benefits of yard management Improve Efficiency
Benefits of yard management Gain Visibility

Gain Visibility

Yard Management maximizes yard and warehouse efficiency by managing the flow of all inbound and outbound goods. Our proven yard management solution enables you to plan, execute, track, and audit loads based on critical characteristics like shipment type, load configuration, labor requirements, and dock and warehouse capacity.

Reduce Costs

Measurable operating costs that relate directly to the yard operation include yard driver labor, fleet equipment costs, and accessorial charges. Automating yard operations with a YMS is often justified through a combination of reduced demurrage costs, lower driver detention fees, and increased throughput.

Benefits of yard management Reduce Costs
Benefits of yard management Improve Carrier relationship

Improve Carrier relationship

Automate appointment scheduling and reduce driver wait times. Track the implementation of transport specifications. Progressive shippers see visiting carriers as customers. Automating yard operations results in lower demurrage costs, reduced driver detention fees, and increase throughput.

Secure Supply Chain

Improved safety by eliminating the need for manual checks. The system automatically records trailer movements and maintains an audit trail for security and loss prevention. The audit trail of every truck and trailer enables effective incident tracking and report development.

Benefits of yard management Secure Supply Chain

Better Utilization

Better-managed trucks and trailers give better utilization rates.  It also ensures that all the resources like the drivers and the doors as well as the parking spaces get planned better and utilized better.

Improve Customer Service

As yard management is closely related to inventory, it becomes easier to service the customers. Order fulfillments become easier if they are able to be service customer orders since there is even visibility into Good-In-Transit.

Benefits of yard management Improve Customer Service
Benefits of yard management Improve Inventory Management

Improve Inventory Management

The inventory management becomes much more accurate as the inventory numbers get updated faster. This would help make order management decisions easier and less costly especially if one does not have to buy when the prices are high.

Yard Management System

Seamless tracking of the truck and trailer movements within the yard with operations planned to ensure efficiently operations

A Smart IoT based solution for your Yard

manpower dashboard
Genio Tags, ISAE Server, Dashboard & GatewaysThe Genio tags talk to ISAE Server which works as the central intelligence and providing a Dashboard which will help configure and get the data and insights. The Gateways are constantly tracking the smart cards and transmitting their locations to the central system

Realtime Visibility

Track the trucks trailers and the drivers in realtime 

Yard Management

Manage yard operations using  a dashboard

Efficiency & Cost Savings

Improve the efficiency of operations while reducing the operational costs.

With the help of our IoT based Smart system –  it is extremely easy to set up and use.

No more worry oF managing Yard!!

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Enable your yard and warehouse with a seamless smart solution

How does Yard Management using IoT work?

The Yard Management System works using both asset and people tracking tags. The trucks and trailers as well as the drivers are assigned tags to identify them.  They are tracked by communicating their locations to gateways placed at different planned points. This tracking happens in an intermittent manner and these traces are maintained. The gateways act as markers to identify where the asset currently is placed. The gateways are connected to the cloud-based or a central server and they keep sending the track and trace data. As the trucks and trailers Check-In through as well as go to parking spaces or dock to the door assigned the movements to get traced and marked.

How it works-yard-management
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