The persona carried by an Android phone user is that of versatility, user friendliness and flexibility. The android app development is also tasked with the ability to make the android apps flexible and user friendly. While iPhone is only manufactured by Apple industries, android phones are manufactured by rest of the phone manufacturing companies. It is for this reason that an android app development process is very stringent and the testing process is very challenging.

What adds to the complexity is that 75% of smart phone users are on the android operating system. Android phones worked on various operating systems starting with Cupcake and now Nougat. The Mobile app development process has seen a lot of improvements. While some smart phone manufacturers have the capability of moving to the latest operating system, some don’t and that’s what makes the work of the android app development team very versatile. They have to make sure that the code they write will work on all the phones even if the phone has not upgraded itself to the latest operating system.

We at QuicSolv understand that an android app has the potential of being downloaded in millions and it is thus important to build applications that are feature rich, faultless and give 100% confidence to enterprises wanting to build mobile apps. The business is becoming more and more digital and the lines between the physical and virtual worlds is becoming blurred. It is thus very important that an android app development company has the expertize on latest technological advancement like the finger print scanner, photo depth data readings, location based services etc.

Android App Development Methodology

Our android app development methodology is designed to have you focus on the business rather than worry about app development.
  • Once you have shared with us your initial requirement, we prefer getting on a call to make sure we are both on the same page.
  • Using our rapid prototyping process, our wireframes help manifest your raw thoughts on paper.
  • We assess the feasibility by taking into account your mobile app development's budget and time constraints.
  • Our transparent project management process will keep you informed of the progress of the project at all times.
  • We follow the development guidelines very strictly so as to give you the best performing application.
  • Our Quality Assurance process does a detail quality check using almost 30 different devices before you are able to test the application.
  • Once ready we help upload the android app to the app store and make sure that it is approved.
  • You can opt to sign up for the Mobile Application Maintenance program for as little as USD 200 per month.

Android App Development Capabilities

Every business has a different DNA and we at QuicSolv do understand that. We understand your business and take into account your mobile strategy before we give you an optimum ios development solution for your requirement. Given below is a list of our capabilities for developing Android apps.
  • We are capable in consuming REST, SOAP and WCF APIs . This is particularly helpful in data centric solutions, where the data is centralized and secure.
  • Our android developers have strong object oriented (OO) design and programming skills.
  • We are proficient in Android SDK/NDK and we have built large enterprise mobile applications using these development kits.
  • We are capable of building android applications that can be integrated with payment gateways and social media.
  • We have experience using Parse as the backend service.
  • We are a one stop shop that can build enterprise applications that need to string together a web application + backend API services + mobile application development

Do you have an app idea?

If you have an app idea or have your thoughts on your mobile strategy and you want to run it through with us, please send us a message and we can set up a time and date to talk. We do take privacy very seriously and will never spam you. You will be pleasantly surprised on how our team of experts will be able to easily comprehend your idea and give you a quote for your great mobile app.

Some Case Studies of our Android App Development

Hire an Android App Developer

If you are short staffed and need a hand to speed up the delivery of the project, you can hire our Android developer. Get your android apps developed by hiring your android developer now.