Educational App Development

The mobile application development for the education industry opens out many opportunities and possibilities. E-learning and technology can bring in creativity to the conventional methods of teaching.
Education App Development

The advent of the Corona Pandemic has changed the way even Education is getting imparted. It is not at all limited to four walls of a classroom in a school. Students are attending the classes from their homes using smartphones and tablets/laptops. 

E-learning has become increasingly the need of the hour. It has gained acceptance among both the students as well as the parents. There are many advantages e-Learning offers. It will help in improving the learning since it now calls for the use of multimedia and newer ways of teaching. 

It has also created a new wave of enthusiasm and a new zeal towards learning in the students too. The Teachers are also finding it interesting since it gives them new and creative ways to teach. Thus it is becoming popular with both the student community as well as the Teaching community. 

Educational mobile apps are therefore the need of the hour today. There is a whole new world of possibilities that get opened up. These could result in newer and many custom applications that would need to be developed to cater to this demand. Additionally, there would be a need for custom mobile app development as well as web applications that would help to make it effective. 

There are bound to be many competing ones in this space soon. The uniqueness of each of these solutions would be in the learning experience provided by them as well as the content being delivered. 


Build Relationships

It provides an excellent platform to build relationships with and between student communities as well as the teachers. Student and Teacher engagement is always a major challenge. E-learning and technology can bring creativity to the conventional methods of teaching.

Technology Constraints

There are technological challenges that eLearning needs to overcome, like the availability of the internet, ability, and people being comfortable using smartphones. This makes it difficult to implement and use in rural areas.

Physiological Challenges

There are concerns about children being over-exposed to technology due to E-Learning. Additionally, keeping the attention of the learner focused on learning becomes much more difficult with the number of distractions increasing exponentially with E-Learning.

Scaled up Reach

Online makes it possible to reach to a much larger audience and that too world over. This brings in a huge business opportunity that can be tapped furthermore.

Reduced Costs

The other major opportunity lies in the fact the infrastructural costs in eLearning are much lower. This makes it possible to provide cheaper education making it possible for more people to access and afford it.

Customer Access

It provides a huge opportunity for the entire education ecosystem. The online learning space gives easy access to a large customer base to do sales and marketing. Many complementary products in the education space can take advantage of cross-selling depending on the context.


Content Management

Content engine to create and add courses. These courses are audio visual in nature as well as compliant with open standards. These can be organized into modules and sub-modules. This way they can also be reused and repurposed. 

Virtual Live Classrooms

Virtual Live Classrooms

Ability to create live virtual class rooms and conduct sessions. Such sessions conducted in specified or scheduled times are important to ensure the year plan is followed. Enable effective learning by allowing video, chat as well as facility to share the teacher’s screens with all the students attending the class.

Document Management

Document Management

Manage the various documents created and posted by both the teachers and the students. It would be easy to organize and access them for record keeping as well as references at a later point of time.

Communication Platform

Connect between teachers and students as well as parents by enabling them to directly chat with each other. Additionally, communicate as a group using discussion forums

Online Evaluation

Online Evaluation

Evaluate the effectiveness of the learning using online tests which can be conducted in a scheduled manner as well as quizzes in the module. Track the results of the evaluation online using leader-boards and online access to the test results.

Cloud based

Cloud based

Access it from anywhere and without time constraints using the internet, allowing the students to learn at their pace as well as time and place. Additionally it makes it convenient to add content from anywhere.


Effective Content Management

The content can be made from multiple types of media thereby making it effective. Also depending upon the type of topic and the learning purposes the content can be varied. The content can be created using text, videos to simulations. 

Online Messaging & Communication

It provides a platform for the students to freely interact with the teachers. Also the communication is always available for access making the communication smoother and with less confusions. It would also provide a communication channel to bridge the gap between the teachers and parents which is very wide currently.

Learn Anywhere & Anytime

Online courses make the study materials available to be accessed at any point of time. It can be accessed online anywhere irrespective of the location too.

Interactive Learning Experience

It is possible to provide an interactive learning experience to the learner.  They can learn by trying the steps outlined and performing the activity. Feedback is provided on a real time basis helping to correct and have an effective learning. 

Online Learning Management & Tracking

The mobile application would also be able to provide training programs with instructional designs. Evaluations are done at the end of each logical part.  This will ensure that the learning objectives have been fulfilled before going to the next part. The results of these are maintained as grades and the progress made by the learner with points earned.


As mobile based learning is delivered online, it becomes possible to increase the reach of education. More students can take the advantage without the limitations in a typical classroom.


The mobile application development for the education industry opens out many opportunities and possibilities. There are many apps in google play for similar purposes some of which are completely free like the educational app of khan academy. 

Professional Courses

Many universities have been offering the professional courses in a distance education format. Now they can consider online courses instead. They could develop customized mobile application to ensure their standards and branding is catered upon.

Tuition Classes

The tuition classes will now need to start conducting their business in an online way. By building a custom learning app each Tuition class can re conduct their business as usual. They can also ensure their way of teaching and notes remain exclusive.

Classes for Competitive Exams

Mobile apps which can be built by the classes which conduct training for competitive exams. By creating their own apps, they can enable and reach out to a much larger set of learners without the geographical restrictions.

Hobby Classes

Individuals offering hobby classes could create one’s own mobile application. This would enable them to have an ongoing tutoring and nurturing relationships with the trainees like that of a mentor.

Corporate Skills Development

Those corporates providing training to the employees, can deploy similar mobile apps. This will enable the employees to remain dedicated to corporate causes even when they are located away from the office.