Telemedicine app


If there is one thing we have learned from this Coronavirus pandemic, it is the importance of Telemedicine. Remote delivery of healthcare is proving quite useful in these times. Though there has been noticeable advancement in Telemedicine in recent years, Telemedicine is no new concept. But it has been gaining popularity in recent times and is certain to completely change the healthcare industry in the coming years.

Telemedicine is delivering healthcare services to the patient without the need to have an in-person visit with the doctor. Doctors can evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients efficiently using a telemedicine application. Having your doctor literally on your phone is quite reassuring, especially during emergencies. This doctor on-demand service is why Telemedicine mobile app development is starting to gain traction.

Benefits of Telemedicine App Development

Everyone wants to maintain good health, and the Telemedicine platform is here to serve this purpose. It will help the doctors as well as the patients in various ways in keeping tabs on their health. Let’s take a look at the benefits of Telemedicine app development to see what it has to offer.

Telemedicine app

Availability of medical services – The telemedicine app can be used for providing healthcare services in remote regions with no access to clinics. Telemedicine apps can help elderly people, patients with chronic illnesses, etc. to reach medical services easily.

Storing Medical Data – Along with providing remote healthcare Telemedicine apps can also store the health records of patients. Making it easier for the doctor to access the patients’ medical records as required.

Patient Management and Monitoring – A lot of times we forget to follow-up or take medicines on time. But with the Telemedicine app development solutions, you can help the doctors to update prescriptions, follow up on consultations, and monitor patients with chronic illnesses.

Time-efficient Medical Care – There won’t be any need to spend time visiting the hospital to get a consultation on minor ailments. You can book an appointment using the Telemedicine app and avoid waiting in line at the clinic. Doctors can manage appointments and even give appointment reminders to prevent cancellations or no-shows.

Time Management for Healthcare Workers – A major benefit of the telemedicine app development is that the workload on healthcare providers can be organized more efficiently since they experience such a heavy workload. Telemedicine solutions can help in solving this issue, with better work conditions for doctors.

About Telemedicine App Development

There is no doubt that Telemedicine apps have huge potential, offering advantages for both doctors and patients. As mentioned there are endless benefits that will result in the well-being of the population in the approaching times.

While developing a telemedicine app you should outline your plan for the app beforehand, like the technology to use, the features you will provide to the users, etc. Having it planned out will help you get a better understanding of what you wish to create.

Different technologies like AI, Big Data, IoT are being used for Telemedicine app development.  The features provided on telemedicine mobile app will differ for the patients and doctors.


Easy Onboarding – Patients should be able to easily sign up with their email or phone number and get started.

Patient Profile – Patient has to enter their information like name, age, sex, medical history and create their profile, to get started with the treatment.

Secure Messaging – Patients can chat with their healthcare provider on any urgent issues or any concerns regarding the prescription.

Payment Gateway – A Telemedicine app is required to have a payment method to pay the doctor’s fees. Include multiple payment options like credit or debit cards, net banking, etc. so that patients may pay with no trouble.

Browse Doctors – Patients can use filters and search for a doctor based on their ailment, doctor’s specialty, and ratings.

Book An Appointment – Once they’ve found a suitable doctor, patients can book an appointment on the app by checking the doctor’s availability.

Voice Calls/Video Calls – The patient will be able to connect with the doctor via audio or video call option depending on the treatment and the comfort of the patient.

Ratings and reviews – A patient can leave a review or rating for the doctor after consultation. This feature is very useful for new patients to make a suitable choice while looking for physicians.


Doctors’ Profile – The profile will consist of the doctor’s qualifications, certifications, specialty, and reviews from patients.

Manage appointments – Doctors will be able to view their list of appointments and accept or reject them according to availability with this feature.

Digital Prescriptions – The app will allow doctors to prescribe medicine right there. These prescriptions will be stores in the app and can be used to buy medicine or for reference at a later time.

Digital Prescriptions – The app will allow doctors to prescribe medicine right there. These prescriptions will be stores in the app and can be used to buy medicine or for reference at a later time.

Scheduling Doctors will be able to display and update their availability according to their schedules.

Video Calls – Physicians may require to examine the patient properly to make the accurate diagnosis. They can schedule video calls with the patients for this reason. Audio calls and secure chats can also be used or communication with patient.

Health Records – Doctors will have access to the stored medical info, past appointments about their patients on the app. They can use it for future treatments as required.

Medical Analytics – With this feature, doctors can use analyzed data to improve or make changes to their treatments to  provide better healthcare services.

The Telemedicine platform has an immense capability and you couldn’t go wrong in deciding to build a mobile app for it. But you will definitely need a reliable partner for your Telemedicine app development. Luckily you won’t have to look too far!