Insights Success recognizes leading business entrepreneurs who are transforming their business while creating a major impact on the Industry. Entrepreneurs have this unique ability to have a vision and the ability to build their own path of glory. In doing so they never forget that it the organization which is going to help them walk the path to success. They know that their true assets are their employees and they engage them such it boosts morals and encourages them to make the vision of the organization, their dream. What also helps everyone keep going forward is their mindset to overcome indomitable odds with confidence and a positive attitude leading every one in the direction of the roadmap ahead!!!

Quicsolv Technologies Pvt Ltd would like to thank Insights Success magazine for recognizing Mr Riyaz Lakhani for his efforts and leadership in ensuring that businesses achieve their efficiencies with the best technological solutions available while also providing the needed hand holding to ensure a successful rollout and effective implementation!!

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