QuicSolv’s InsurTech Vertical: Pioneering Insurance Technology Solutions

In an era where technology intersects with every aspect of life, QuicSolv stands at the forefront of this convergence in the insurance sector. Our InsureTech vertical is a beacon of innovation, transforming traditional insurance processes with cutting-edge technology. We offer a suite of solutions that not only streamline insurance operations but also bring unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Our mission is to empower insurance companies to navigate the digital age with confidence, ensuring they stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Medical Underwriting: Reinventing Risk Assessment

  • Video MER
    Remote medical assessments take a leap forward with Video MER. This service revolutionizes medical examinations for
    insurance applicants by using video technology, offering a convenient yet thorough health evaluation process. By eliminating the need for in-person exams, we save time and resources for both insurers and applicants, without compromising on the quality of assessment.
  • Videography
    Videography extends the capabilities of Video MER. It not only captures the dialogue between doctor and applicant but also records the complete physical examination procedure. This comprehensive approach provides a detailed view of the applicant’s health, enhancing the accuracy of risk assessment.
  • TeleMER
    For situations where video connectivity is a challenge, TeleMER steps in as a reliable alternative. It focuses on voice-based medical consultations, ensuring seamless communication even in low network areas. While it introduces challenges in identity verification, it remains a vital tool in remote underwriting.
  • Smart Report
    The Smart Report redefines medical data interpretation. Utilizing AI, it offers actionable health insights, transforming complex medical information into understandable, user-friendly reports. This includes tailored nutrition suggestions, lifestyle recommendations, and a summarization of health risks, making it a cornerstone in modern underwriting practices.
  • Digitization – QUIC Data
    Digitization with QUIC DATA addresses the inefficiencies of manual data entry. Our advanced digitization process ensures high accuracy and integrates seamlessly with existing systems, reducing processing time and costs while enhancing decision-making capabilities in underwriting.

Claims Investigation: Unveiling Truth and Ensuring Justice

  • Motor Theft
    In the Motor Theft claims sector, our expertise shines through. Utilizing advanced analytics and investigative techniques, we thoroughly verify the legitimacy of theft claims, ensuring accurate settlements and protecting against fraudulent activities.
  • Motor OD (Own Damage)
    For Motor OD claims, precision is key. We meticulously investigate own damage claims to confirm their validity. Our robust process includes detailed examination of incident reports and vehicle damage, ensuring only genuine claims are approved.
  • AI-Based Claim Assessment
    Embracing technology, our AI-Based Claim Assessment tool revolutionizes claim processing. This system uses artificial intelligence to analyze claims, significantly improving efficiency and accuracy. It’s a game-changer for fast, reliable claim evaluations.
  • Health Cashless
    In Health Cashless claims, our focus is on accuracy and speed. We ensure quick verification of cashless healthcare services, verifying the legitimacy of claims and compliance with policy terms, thus maintaining trust and efficiency in the system.
  • Health Reimbursement
    With Health Reimbursement claims, our rigorous process involves validating the medical services billed for reimbursement against the policy criteria. This ensures that claims are legitimate and policyholders are fairly compensated.
  • Investigation App
    Our Investigation App brings technology directly to the hands of our field agents. It provides real-time data and resources, enabling efficient and effective on-site investigations, thereby enhancing the overall claims processing experience.
  • Disability Verification
    Disability Verification is a sensitive yet crucial service. We ensure that disability claims are verified accurately and empathetically, supporting rightful claim settlements and upholding the integrity of the insurance process.

Risk Mitigation: Fortifying Defenses Against Insurance Risks

  • eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer)
    Our eKYC service is at the forefront of customer identity verification. By streamlining the identification process electronically, we enhance accuracy and efficiency, playing a crucial role in preventing fraud and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • PIVC/PIVW (Pre-issuance Verification Check/Walkthrough)
    In our PIVC/PIVW offering, we conduct extensive background checks and risk assessments before policy issuance. This proactive approach is critical in identifying potential fraud at an early stage, thereby safeguarding against future claims-related fraud.
  • Face Match
    Face Match technology provides a cutting-edge solution in identity verification. Using advanced facial recognition, it ensures that the person involved in a policy or claim is indeed who they claim to be. This technology is crucial in mitigating risks associated with identity fraud and reinforcing the security of insurance transactions.
  • Aadhar Masking
    Aadhar Masking is our response to privacy concerns and regulatory requirements. By concealing Aadhar numbers, we protect personal information, building trust with customers and complying with data protection laws, thus enhancing the overall integrity of our operations.
  • Data Forgery Check
    The Data Forgery Check is integral to our risk mitigation arsenal. This service meticulously validates the authenticity of documents and information presented in insurance processes. By safeguarding against falsified data, we ensure the accuracy of risk assessments and policy underwriting.

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