CTO  Value Proposition

CTO has a critical role to play in the organization and the solutions that are developed. CTO provides both the architectural vision as well as future organizational directions in terms of Technology.

Getting CTO’s services with the choice of what you need has become truly cost effective. Get all the benefits of a full time CTO without hiring one!!


CEOs lack Technical Edge

Plethora of startup ideas are floating around and many companies are getting started-up by people with a business idea but they typically lack the technical edge needed to take them to the next level.

CTO Cost

The startups are already struggling on funds and sometimes are finding meeting the ends a difficult task, hiring an independent CTO becomes a costly affair.

Hiring Difficult

Good CTOs may not want to risk their current secure positions to take up the role of CTO in a risky startup.


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Product Design

Analyze the solution domain and create a scalable and future ready product solution and software architectural design. Get the entire design documented for future reference and implementations.

Quality Management

Use our CTO services to review your work products to ensure that it is verified for best of class technical quality!!! Ensure best of Software architectures and Engineering practices. Verify if you are using the right platforms and technologies. Audit your software for security and data privacy.

Technology Direction

Avail our CTO services to decide on critical decisions in terms of the choice of technologies for various use case of your product life cycle. Be assured that you are ready to face the future challenges!!

Operations & Infrastructure

Manage your Product  and it’s roadmap, the development process, release management using modern Agile and Lean methodologies involving continuous delivery  along with disaster recovery and business continuity planning along with ensuring secure implementations.

Complete CTO

If you don’t want to choose your every next technical direction on your own, then leave it to our CTO. CTO as a service will provide a full time CTO who will own up your organization’s needs, make the recommendations and ensure that these get implemented too!!.


Low TCO, Better ROI

CTO as a service, slices and dices the offerings making it possible to pick and choose. Thus there is a low cost of ownership since best of CTOs available to provide services at a fraction of cost and on a pay per use basis giving startups better ROI.

Organization Value Add

The CTO as a service will add to the organizational value by making the processes better and adding to the organizational assets and intellectual properties. Additionally ensuring that the organizational teams become stronger and better with timely interventions and course corrections.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Offering the best of class solutions will definitely provide the value to customers leading to increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction

Technology Insights

The CTO will be able to understand Technology at both 50k as well as 5k levels to provide a balanced approach. A CTO would be able to assimilate the latest in technology and help built road maps for your products as well the organization as a whole.

Provide a CTO's edge to your solutions!!!

How does the CTO-as-service work?

The CTO-as-service  is an on demand service providing a wide range of facilities in a pay as you use model.  The customer would be able to request specific services varying from the design of the database, performance tuning to Technology strategies etc. CTO would be able to analyze the problem domain and come up with scenarios. CTO would also be providing services to help shape your organizational practices. In the other model, the CTO would be hired as a role completely instead of individual services. This would help the company to have a full-time CTO work with the team and management to roll out the roadmap ahead.