The smartphone has revolutionized the way your consumers access and consume information. A lot of decision making now happens on the phone as there is a smartphone app for everything including news, television, shopping, navigating etc. This revolutionary change has initiated an innovative creation of mobile applications and mobile app development. If you have a look at your consumers, if they have some free time, they will be on their mobile phones.  Markers have thus moved their investment from traditional marketing mediums of billboards, magazines and newspapers to a mobile strategy. Investment in mobile app development is what most businesses are looking at to directly link o their customers.

As Mobile apps is now a serious marketing tool to connect with your audience, it is important that the mobile strategy is successful. Effective planning to take full advantage of the unique qualities of a mobile device can positively improve your top line. QuicSolv is here to help you with your complete mobile app development. Our iOS app development and android app development teams are specialized in their technologies to help you create that perfect mobile app experience that your audience is looking for.



Be it SWIFT or Objective-C or plain simple responsive web app wrapped in a native window, where others struggle we build top-notch iphone applications


We understand the user experience needs for the iPad and our mobile app development team is fully equipped to give your users that UX.


Android OS caters to more than 70% of the mobile users we know how to optimally exploit the features of an android to give your mobile app the best user experience.


A mobile app is ‘the need’ for every business and we are the best in helping you migrate from web to mobile with the least possible impact and shortest possible timeline.


Operating systems are being upgraded by apple and google and your mobile app must keep up with this upgrade. ‘Fingerprint scanner’, for example, eliminates the need for login.


Our streamlined processes for maintaining mobile apps helps keep your application updated always. With a commitment of only 10 hours a month, your app will never see the sun set.

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