Software re-engineering

Software Re-engineering

In software development, changes, updates, and upgrades are inevitable. Software systems or applications need to be flexible enough to adapt to the changing requirements to ensure their usability in the long run. At QuicSolv, we enhance and upgrade software applications with latest technologies to match up with ever-changing IT scenario.

We solve your business challenges in a competent manner by involving Software Re-engineering process. Re-engineering is basically a renovation process in which innovative business requirements are met along with on-going business requirements.

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Why Do You Need Software Re-engineering?

  • Cost Factors: Maintenance cost of a soon-getting-obsolete system is higher than the updated one
  • Performance: High performance is the need of the hour
  • Lack of scalability: Enhancing your business requires a more robust system as compared to the existing system
  • Lack of critical functionality or capabilities which in turn retard company’s growth
  • System design issues
  • Usability: To ensure usability of systems in long run
  • Data storage requirements: Increasing the data storage requirements
  • New Technology trends: Update the software applications in tune with future innovations

The concept of re-engineering is based on understanding the functional as well as implementation aspects of an existing system and re-structuring all or a part of a legacy system to enhance the system performance without changing its functionality. Sprucing up the legacy systems may require a considerable amount of time and money but it is better than running an obsolete system. As a result, companies prefer re-engineering over sustaining with a legacy system.

QuicSolv offers the following services:

  • Analysis of legacy system architecture and design
  • Identifying the defects, gaps, and potential weaknesses
  • Re-engineering the system while fixing existing defects;
  • Implementing the solution along with system transition
  • Enhancing or adding new functionality
  • Improving non-functional characteristics including performance, scalability and security
  • Eliminating potential sources of future defects and errors

At QuicSolv, we offer you specialized services to enhance and upgrade your obsolete software applications facilitating the tools, resources and expertise. We have an experienced software re-engineering team, leveraging the cutting edge technology tools to ensure product improvement and enhancement.

Reap following benefits by partnering with QuicSolv:

  • Minimize the cost
  • Enhance the business value of an innovative
  • Maintain continuity of significant business processes
  • Increase system reliability and end-user satisfaction
  • Consult our experts for transforming your legacy system into a latest solution
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