Basics of Telemedicine Software

Patient Visit to the clinics or healthcare centers is typically time-consuming especially to the Old and Disabled persons as well as the Chronic patients who need to visit regularly. This hassle is taken care of by removing the need for travel, waiting time as well as reducing the cost of travel and loss of pay.  Similarly, it is beneficial even to the healthcare providers too.

A simple Telemedicine definition as per Lexico is “the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology”. This definition is going to get extended and the means viz the specific technology involved is going get evolved and transformed as we progress. There are many areas of medicine which are impacted and many telemedicine examples like telemedicine psychiatry, pediatric telemedicine are becoming popular due to the usefulness and benefits. These telemedicine specialities are growing as the value it can deliver is getting realised by everyone. Even in Medicare, telemedicine reimbursement is now considered acceptable.

What is Telemedicine Software?

The word “tele” means over a long distance, the practice providing or prescribing the treatment or medicine by the health provider to the patient over a long distance is called “Telemedicine”. The software platform which enables Telemedicine using computers and mobile devices is called “Telemedicine Software”.

what is telemedicine?
Telemedicine Parity Law States

Why is Telemedicine Relevant?

Telemedicine is a rapidly growing sector estimated to be worth more than $260 billion worldwide by 2026 in USA. It is expected to grow with a CAGR of 23.4% as per one report. 64 per cent said they would be able to have a telehealth visit with their doctor via video in a national survey.  At the same time the number of people who are getting covered by Insurance is increasing. Also the number of chronic patients and with increasing average age the number of old people are increasing. Telemedicine becomes a very good way to provide a scalable solution to provide healthcare quickly with maximum coverage.  Even State legislation in 33 states has parity laws to cover telemedicine providing  reimbursements by insurers benefitting even medicare beneficiaries.

 Types of Telemedicine Software

There are multiple types of Telemedicine Solutions available differing in the mechanism and the services offered


  • Real Time Video Chat & Text Chat
  • Remote & Rural Areas
  • Privacy & HIPAA Compliant
  • Primary Care, Followup Care
  • Urgent Care, Chronic Illness


  • Monitoring vitals remotely
  • High Risk Patient (monitor ECG)
  • Chronic Patients (monitor glucose, blood pressure)
  • Elderly Patients
  • Treat Management based on monitoring

Asynchronous Telemedicine

  • Store and Forward
  • Patient data and Medical Records shared
  • Collaboration with Specialists
  • Secure
  • Diagnosis and Treatment

Telemedicine App

Benefits of Telemedicine Software

Telemedicine benefits extends both to the patients as well as the providers along with health care services and the entire health system

Save Time

Lesser Patient Visit results in time saved in Travel, Waiting which saved can be more productively used in these times where time available is never enough

Save Costs

There is costs saved by patients in terms of travel costs, loss of pay (LPO) as well by the providers since they would need clinics with bare essential staff

Benefits of Telemedicine Software

More Efficient

There would be need to attend essential ones as well better use of resources. It also would help the provider see more patients and No Shows or cancellations impacting less.


Enables the providers to give virtual care and attend to patients based on their availability while also allowing the patients to reach out in case of emergency right from the comfort of their homes.

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