It is a cliche these days that telemedicine is the missing link to next-generation healthcare. In many ways, technologies have improved enabling not just telemedicine but also telecare extending to the healthcare seeker. Experience the new age of Health Care where you can get your health checked as well as diagnosed from the very comfort of your Home. The world of Telemedicine opens up many such possibilities which are safer and easier.

To get the most out of telemedicine, understanding the broad range of services that can be provided remotely is critical. Whether it is urgent care, basic follow-up treatment, or therapy, telemedicine is a convenient way of providing treatment.

Tele Consulting

With new telehealth technologies, today it is possible to do remote-at-home consulting by virtual visits. The approach here is more patient-centric as one does not have to leave the comfort of one’s home. This is especially useful for old and as well as patients who are unable to easily move about. Remote consulting reduces the number of clinic visits for patients and it also encourages patient compliance since there can be a higher frequency of touchpoints between the patient and the doctor. It turns out to be a safer option for vulnerable patients like the ones who have had organ transplants. Teleconsulting also enables virtual healthcare during a pandemic like Covid where social distancing restrictions are imperative. 


Mobile healthcare technologies are also influencing the growth of telemedicine today. With the wide range of mobile health apps with integrated user-friendly electronic medical tools, patients are beginning to use technology to control and track their health. Easy home-use medical devices that can take vitals and diagnose conditions like ear infections, monitor glucose levels as well as measure blood pressure, or allow patients to calculate blood pressure on their own. Thus this kind of telehealth improves patient care.


There’s a lot going into a telemedicine program, from supporting providers to selling the service directly to patients and staff. Top health care systems and businesses around the country have developed comprehensive telemedicine services to fulfill the specific needs of their organizations. Here are examples of telemedicine from two top health systems and a top employer, all of which show their special approximation.

Telepsychiatry, a branch of telemedicine, may include delivering a variety of services including clinical assessments, counseling (individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy), patient education, and control of medications. Telepsychiatry services will surely get a new boost with telemedicine. Typically mental health care comes with its own set of taboos. It becomes easier to approach a practitioner for any person when it is online and one can connect using a mobile phone. Another aspect is the fact there is a need for counseling for every individual. If it is easier to reach out whenever needed this becomes much more effective. Many in the rural areas are unable to deal with the life stresses but unable to get such a service, making it available online makes this possible.

Pediatric care is one of the areas where telemedicine has got a lot of promise. Pediatric telemedicine helps the parents to connect quickly with the healthcare provider as even common illnesses like fever tend to bring in anxiety. Many times, these may not be needing emergency attention. Telemedicine services can help reduce these uncalled for visits.

Telemedicine Advantages

There are various advantages that Telemedicine, Telecare as well as TeleHealth brings to the table.

Remote Consulting

  • Easy and Comfortable
  • No clinic visit saving time and energy
  • Lesser Risk of infection
  • Better Track

Remote Monitoring

  • Get more online and accurate report on patients
  • Better followup with patients
  • Better treatment management

Cheaper & Efficient

  • No clincs or attendants needed
  • Handle more patients
  • Happier patients
  • Better track of payments

Distant Site Access

  • Healthcare to Rural Areas
  • Access in Remote Places
  • Quarantined Patients
  • Easy access to Expertise

Safer Public Health

  • Lesser Healthcare Personnel
  • Lower infection spread
  • Quick and Easy Access
  • Broader Reach

Better Healthcare

  • Lowered Costs
  • Less risk to Healthcare Personnel
  • Faster & Efficient Services
  • Better Utilization of Resources


Appointment Management

platform for the healthcare provider and patient to fix up the date and time for the online consultation and thus fixing the telemedicine visit

Treatment Management

Discuss, Diagnose and Monitor the patients condition fine tuning the treatment

Live Video

The video conferencing allows the health provider to connect with the patients to get a live status

Payment Management

Ensure that the consultations are paid and track them without hassles

Give your patient Easy Health Care

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