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Keeping track of people and your assets with our IoT BLE based track and trace.

Keep an eye on all key elements of your business with Track and Trace

Track and Trace solutions from Quicsolv is an IoT-based tracking solution. It provides real-time information on the location of assets as well as people within the prescribed area. It is based on an architecture ISAE, which is proprietary and homegrown, therefore providing a flexible system with total control over it.

There are many applications of this track and trace technology. Track and Trace help solve problems as well as add to the edge. The solutions range from domains like Manufacturing to Retail each providing a unique solution specific to that particular industry.

What are Track and Trace?

The terms track & trace although used together, actually mean two different things. The track and trace typically have been used for air cargo track and trace,  track and trace container, etc but track and trace solutions are not limited to these.

Tracking is the ability to locate in terms of positional parameters, where an asset or a person is currently located within a region/area, which can be termed as tracking. It also allows for monitoring to give a near real-time location. This tells where a particular asset or person is located at that particular time in real-time.

The other term Trace is actually the ability to track back the footsteps or previous locations of the given asset or person. If one can keep track and store the location coordinates of assets or people, it can provide you with a complete trace path of their movement around.

What is the difference between tracking and tracing?

The typical difference is that tracking is forward-looking and tries to track the current location. Tracing at the same time is backward-looking and tries to check where the previous locations were before getting to the current location.

How does the Track and Trace solution work?

Any such tracking and traceability solution would need a tag or id for the asset or person being tracked. This tag now gets tracked by the system. The Tag communicates with the server through a chain of intermediate relays. These relays do the part of tracking and passing the information to the central server. These relays act as a network that communicates with the people tag as well as asset tag as well as each other and most importantly with the central server over a wifi network.

Features of Track and Trace solution

Some of the features which the track and trace solution offers:

  • 24×7 monitoring: To get useful insights on asset/people locations, the devices must track and send information reliably and continuously to be more effective.
  • Low Maintenance: The Bluetooth (BLE) technology used makes it a power-efficient and low power consumption device leading to a long-lasting battery, therefore, needing low onsite maintenance.
  • Data Analytics
    The data provided can be used to make informed business decisions. It can also provide additional information apart from just the location.
  • Device Security
    With constant monitoring of the assets and people, the data transmitted is secure between the devices

Benefits of Track and Trace Solution

Some of the core business benefits that such a solution offers:

Secure assets & People

As the track and trace work round the clock keeping an eye on where your assets are located as well as where your people are located, offers one benefit out of the box viz Security. It ensures that the Assets are easily locatable as well as unauthorized movements can be alarmed off. Even when it comes to access, one can prevent unauthorized access and other security measures.

Connect Assets & People

Knowing and tracking where things and people are located also knowing all about their condition is the key. In order to provide anytime-anywhere connectivity, Quicsolv’s solution provides:

  • Seamless connectivity:  Bluetooth provides a seamless method of connecting which just needs a line of sight
  • Easy Implementation: Very few fixtures are needed to implement a solution
  • Reliable: Works even in the most extreme conditions of temperature, vibration, or moisture.

Manage Assets & People

It becomes easier to manage your assets and people as they are now trackable. Asset management, as well as people management, gets taken care of partially as these get tagged and identified. Even managing aspects like attendance management as well as tracking and monitoring employees becomes viable.

Analyze Assets & People

Use analytics to analyze in-depth the data provided. AI-enhanced and rule-based systems send alerts if there is any unusual activity like unauthorized access or movements. This will also help businesses to make informed business decisions based on valuable insights coming from data.


Track & Trace solutions for multiple domains

Track your employees and their efficiencies without being intrusive and without entangling in to ethical issues

Ensure hygiene and provide your employees with a safe workplace so that work continues as before and people can focus on business

Keep a tab on what moves in and out of your warehouses and what is kept where in real time

Track your fleet of security patrol and ensure that you are delivering on providing best of services to your customers while keeping them safe


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